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  1. CutLeader is CAD/CAM software used for CNC cutting machine (laser, plasma, waterjet, router) with true shape nesting

  2. CNC PAD

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    Free CNC Program Editing Software for Professional Use

    CNC PAD is an intuitive program editor designed to work with the majority of G-CODE languages. Thanks to its intuitive UI, production times will be decreased...

  3. CNC Simulation: Lathe Metal Cutting Machine Simulator

    CNC Simulation: Lathe Metal Cutting Machine Simulator has been developed for educational purposes in the field of computer sciences and educational processes...

  4. Text editor for CNC code (G-code) with 3D toolpath simulation

  5. Program Your Mill, Conventionally And Digitally, With Ease.

    ECam - CNC Conversational Programming is a vertical and lathe mill programming tool that makes it easy to digitally manipulate the programming of mills with...

  6. Simulate CNC Machines and Verify NC Program

  7. Semi-total conversion for CNC: Red Alert 2

    CnC: Final War is a game utility developed by SMxReaver. As the name suggests, this game is a mod for the game Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2- Yuri's...

  8. Introduction to CNC Machining

    This app provides an introduction to the world of CNC machining. It gives a basic introduction to the concepts and principles of programming operations for...

  9. A free program for Windows, by Otellino and CNC.

    For The Enclave is a free program for Windows, belonging to the category 'Utilities'.

  10. A free program for Android, by Ventura design apps.

    CNC Machinist Helper is a free program for Android, belonging to the category 'Business & Productivity'.

  11. Cutter - A Tool for Optimizing and Preparing Lists of Cutting Bars

    Cutter is a tool for optimizing and preparing lists of cutting bars. The application is designed to be used by professionals, especially those in the metal...

  12. CNC programs editor with specific tools, features and syntax highlighting

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