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  1. Stay connected at airports around the world with WiFox

    WiFox is a crowd-sourced database of airport lounge login details, which is kept updated by a global community of users. The app can search for airports by...

  2. Communicate by tablet with AT&T Messages

    There are many messaging programs out there now, so it?s no surprise that the communications giant AT&T has entered the ring. AT&T Messages is a free app for...

  3. Unlock PDF files so that you may edit them

    There are plenty of honest reasons why you may wish to unlock a PDF. You may wish to rewrite the text and want to paste it onto your word processor before...

  4. MagicanFile

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    Free professional program to help you manage your files

    Ever lost a file in your system and simply can't find it? MagicanFile will help you do just that. This is a professional file manager designed to make sure...

  5. Enhances Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, storage and full-text search

  6. Paste

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    Handy and advanced copy-and-paste manager for personal computers

    Paste is a more advanced copy-and-paste software package when compared to what is offered within standard operating systems. One of its main advantages is...

  7. Free File Management Software for Desktop Computers

    There can be many times when a user wishes to effectively manage his or her files without resorting to more complicated programs such as DocuWare Cloud or...

  8. Send emails to subscribers through Wordpress

    CircuPress is a tool for Wordpress sites that lets owners send emails to their subscribers directly from their Wordpress site without the need to open their...

  9. Copy and paste the Leopard way

    iClipboard is a copy and paste manager specifically built for Mac.During our tests, the application repeatedly crashed so we could not evaluate it properly...

  10. PopClip

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    Makes simple tasks easy to do on Mac

    If you think that Finder doesn't give you enough power on your Mac, especially when it comes to copying and pasting text, PopClip is your answer. PopClip...

  11. Spike

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    Copy, paste and share your documents

    Spike is a powerful, trial version Mac program, that belongs to the category Utilities with subcategory Clipboard.

  12. Drop-and-Drag Application to Send Files to Other Destinations

    DropCopy Pro will enable users to easily send files to numerous recipients simply by dragging and dropping them into the appropriate icon. This is great...

  13. A Cloud App That Does It All

    OneCloudDrive is an app that can perform a range of tasks. In other words, you can access all your data, music, photographs, videos, etc. from a single app....

  14. A scanning program that also recognizes text

    Prizmo 3 - Scanning & OCR allows you to scan most types of file, including screenshots, but its most powerful aspect is its ability to recognize text from...

  15. Set keywords to your photos

    Keyword Manager is a godsend for those of you that have large photo collections. This nifty iPhoto plug-in lets you add tags to your photos, regardless of...