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  1. Babysitting takes a turn for the worst

    Could you make it as a babysitter? What if the baby isn’t actually a baby? The Baby in Yellow is a free horror game wherein you play as the babysitter....

  2. Hacknet teaches you programming... and how to be a hacker

    Hacknet invites you to become a hacker. It is a simulator and an educational tool, but at the same time it is entertaining. When you finish, I promise you...

  3. Play Out a Remarkable Life

    Writer and director David Cage and his team of developers at Quantic Dreams brings you a thrilling, psychological adventure game that takes on the complexity...

  4. Remastered Version of Cult Classic Shooter

    Alien Shooter-Revisited has brought the 2003 classic shooter back to life. Based in a secret laboratory, you must battle to save the planet against hordes of...


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    Thrilling FPS psychological horror game

    MOTHER is a horror adventure game developed by an independent developer, Irwin Segarane. In this psychological thrilling game, you will play as Mary who...

  6. Go for a thrilling city ride

    Speed Car Race 3D is a racing game that will take you on exciting bumper-to-bumper races in the city. Players are given the chance to drive powerful race...

  7. A Full Version game for Android‚ by Electronic Arts

    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a full version program also available for iPhone, Java, that belongs to the category Games and subcategory Racing and that has...

  8. Technology and an abandoned ghost town in this creepy horror survival game

    DreadOut is a survival horror game with a well-studied atmosphere combined with puzzles, an indie-game that's interesting and suitable for gamers with nerves...

  9. Beware of aliens

    Risk of Rain 2 is an action game where players will have to fight and defend themselves against evil aliens. The shooter game will take you on different...

  10. Free retro horror adventure game

    Pine Creek is a free adventure game zeroed in on investigative work, storytelling, and following clues. The disappearance of a young girl in the...

  11. Thrilling first-person adventure game for Chrome users

    République is an action-packed first-person adventure game set within a totalitarian state. The main goal is for the player to guide a character named Hope...

  12. Funny game that combines thrilling and horror

    Death's only ever just around the corner in Die in 100 Ways, an action packed new adventure that pits you against the Grim Reaper himself. From gaming...

  13. Dear Mariko

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    Thrilling romance exploration game

    Dear Mariko is a visual novel game that offers a thrilling experience developed by an indie developer, Coren Baili, for desktop plays. In this role-playing...

  14. Scarred

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    Gruesome psychological horror game

    Scarred is a free psychological puzzle game inspired by classic horror games,  Silent Hill and Fatal Frame. It is a deeply narrative-driven game that...

  15. Fast-paced and thrilling role playing game

    Knight Crush Grimm VI is a fast-paced and thrilling role playing game app from PopPace that will grip players from the outset. You can battle nightmare...

  16. Spooky Runes

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    A Fun and Thrilling Game with Halloween as its Backdrop

    Spooky Runes is a thrilling game with its fair share of scares and chills. With a Halloween backdrop, the gameplay entails collecting sufficient magic runs...

  17. A Fun and Thrilling Version of a Classic Game

    PolyFall is an exciting and fun game where you would be tapping on tower blocks and destroying them. Your objective is to prevent the tower from building...


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    Thrilling pixel-designed puzzle game

    BOMBASTIC is a free immersive puzzle platformer game developed by NOWARE Games. Here, you’ll play as the bomb figure, named Spidey, who brings explosive...

  19. Delve into an otherworldly space adventure

    Last in Orbit is an extraordinary space adventure game developed by Dapper Rabbit Games. In this first-person space game, you will play the character of a...

  20. Scrambled

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    Master the art of rhythm egg-beating

    Scrambled is a rhythm-action video game developed by Sunscale Studios for PC. In this combat-style game, you will play the role of a slice of bread who will...