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  1. Easy JSON Conversion

    JSON to CSV Converter is a free conversion software. The software provides simplified conversion of every JSON file, text and URL that are commonly used in...

  2. A nice batch converter turning Excel files into CSV files

    Convert Excel To CSV simply turns your spreadsheet files from Excel (used by Microsoft programs and various others) to CSV files, which are used by a great...

  3. CSV to XLS (Excel) Converter - Convert files from CSV to Excel format quickly and easily

    CSV to XLS (Excel) Converter is a utility that helps users to convert their CSV files to excel files quickly and easily. The tool supports batch converting...

  4. XLS (Excel) to CSV Converter allows you to convert your XLS (Microsoft Excel) files to CSV format.

  5. QIF2CSV

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    Organize Your QIF Files with This Converter

    QIF2CSV is a file converter application that was designed for your personal finance management. Just as its name implies, QIF2CSV converts your QIF...

  6. Contact Converter converts vcard format files into csv

  7. Manage your contacts

    Opal-Convert VCF to CSV to VCF is a software developed by Skytopia that will help you easily convert your VCF files into CSV in a matter of seconds. It is...

  8. Opal-Convert JSON/CSV allows you to convert from CSV or Excel format to JSON and back again from JSON to CSV/Excel.

  9. Free CSV Conversion Software for Personal Use

    Total CSV Converter is an all-in-one package which provides users with the ability to convert CSV files into different formats. There are also a number of...

  10. Convert from Excel or CSV to SQL, including MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, SQL server and other database formats

  11. DBF into XML, CSV, HTML, SQL and more

    dBase, FoxPro and their Windows clones, Delphi applications and more all rely on DBF files. Modern business realities make high demands for data interchange...