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  1. FileAmigo LE

    • 3.9
    • (20 votes)

    Data management made easy in a few clicks

    FileAmigo LE is an interesting solution for creating all kinds of databases without having prior knowledge in the use of specialized tools such as MS Access...

  2. Store your passwords in a securely protected database

    Using secure passwords is one of the first and most important security tips anyone who starts using a computer should get. If you're still not getting it...

  3. Free and centralized personal password database

    Remembear is an excellent way for users to store and retrieve sensitive passwords with the click of a button.

  4. A safe manager for all your passwords

    Creating new passwords every time I register for a online service is getting harder and harder. But before starting to use the same word everywhere and thus...

  5. Navicat for SQL Server gives you a fully graphical approach to database management and administration.

  6. Personal information management for your PC

    cleverKM is a database creation tool that lets you store all of your important information in one convenient place on your PC.If you've ever wanted to...

  7. Manage all your passwords safely

    There comes a time when you realize you can't memorize all your passwords. That's when you need to start using a password application, and Bytessence...

  8. Compact, easy-to-use password manager

    If you usually have trouble when trying to remember passwords or even coming up with new ones, you need a tool like X-Lizard PM. With X-Lizard PM you can...

  9. Automated Data Management Tool for Personal Computers

    Managing files within a fast-paced environment can be difficult at best. Users should be aware of how their operating systems are performing as well as if...

  10. Recover Access database and user passwords

    Bug fixes

  11. A free app for Android, by Engineering Hub.

    DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a free app for Android, belonging to the category 'Education & Reference'.

  12. Velneo

    • 4.2
    • (148 votes)

    Develop management and database applications

    Creating databases and management software is not something that I used to relish, but these days the number of solution that make the job easier means I can...

  13. Database

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Organise your data with the Database app!

    Database makes working with large volumes of data easier and is the ideal application for any project/job where a lot of text-based data needs to be kept....

  14. Creating and Using Personal Databases Made Extremely Simple

    Records is an app that serves as your personal organizer and database. It’s ideal for collecting and organizing any random thing, such as your favourite...

  15. Tap Forms Organizer 5 Database - Create custom forms for almost anything!

    Tap Forms Organizer 5 Database allows you to create custom forms for almost anything you can think of! The application comes with several built-in form...