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  1. Cool App for Comic Lovers

    Yet Comic Reader is a special app that allows users to convert the pages of their old comic books to PDFs so that they can be read on their electronic...

  2. Simple EPUB File Reader for E-Books and Documents

    EPUBFileReader is a simple application, developed by Cai Wei, which allows users to open and read the EPUB file format, which is commonly used for e-books...

  3. Guten Reader

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    Thousands of free literature classics at your fingertips

    Guten Reader gives you access to more than 18,000 ebooks, all of them classics of literature classics from the Gutenberg Project.The Guten Reader interface...


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    Nicely-designed comic book reader with built-in online store is a special software platform for buying, downloading and reading comic books and graphic novels online, as well as making friends with other...

  5. Reading Comics on Your Mac Made Easy and Versatile

    DrawStrips Reader is an app that lets you read comics on your Mac. The program is Retina display-ready, and has been totally redesigned for Yosemite and El...

  6. Send e-mail to and receive it from friends and coworkers

    Nostalgic users of the classic Eudora will be glad to get their hands on the latest outing, Penelope. This updated version manages to mix in iconic Eudora...

  7. FLOW-e

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    Turn Your Email Inbox Into A More Visual Taskboard.

     FLOW-e adds flow to one's emails by providing a greater visual element to a Gmail or Office365 inbox. It displays emails in columns and rows, showing...

  8. A USB based portable email client

    If you spend a lot of time away from your computer or need access to all your email accounts while traveling then Reach-a-Mail is a great solution. When...