Download Facebook Messenger For Android - Best Software & Apps

  1. The free messaging app from Facebook

    Messenger is a social media messaging tool that allows for instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls to people on the Facebook platform. It’s a chat...

  2. A lightweight version of Facebook Messenger

    Messenger Lite is, as the name suggests, a lighter version of the much-loved Messenger app by Facebook. This software is, in general, widely popular and...

  3. Make cheap calls from your Android phone or tablet

    The Android version of Skype allows you to make free or cheap voice and video calls on your phone.

  4. Another messaging service? Yahoo?

    Yahoo! Messenger is the mobile client for the popular search engine and email provider. It is a good, fully-featured little messaging app – but it feels...

  5. A Translator You Can Carry Anywhere

    Nowadays, more and more people travel to see more of the world. However, not all countries speak English, and asking for directions from the locals usually...

  6. A lightweight alternative to the official Facebook and Messenger apps

    Anyone who has ever used the official apps for Facebook and Messenger can probably attest to the fact that these apps eat up a lot of storage and memory....

  7. The best messaging app for voice and video calls

    SOMA Messenger is an instant messaging app with two standout features: privacy, and high-quality voice and video calls for free. In every other department...

  8. A free app for Android, by Sunshine Apps.

    Maki For Facebook And Messenger is a free software for Android, belonging to the category 'Social & Communication'.

  9. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, all in one application

    Uni Messenger connects your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo contacts in one place. The advantage of Uni Messenger is that...

  10. Facebook made better

    With a lot that of things going on in social media, Facebook can be a little all over the place. Swift for Facebook offers you a simpler and neater layout...

  11. Booyah

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    • (8 votes)

    Start video chatting with friends immediately with Booyah

    Booyah is a free mobile video messaging app that integrates with popular chat utility WhatsApp. Once you've installed it, you can simply create video chat...

  12. Bringing the best out of Facebook

    Phoenix - Facebook & Messenger is an app that will help you utilize the best features and services of Facebook with less hassle. It is a very good...

  13. Frame your Facebook pictures for free and share them

    We have all seen SnapChat pictures where frames and templates have been used to change images and warp them into something else. Now, you may use the...

  14. Facebook made better

    Swipe for Facebook is an alternative to the Facebook that provides you with the same functions and more. It has an organized layout that will let you...

  15. A free app for Android, by 9Softs Inc.

    Mini Messenger For Facebook is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Social & Communication'.

  16. Send GIFs through any messenger

    Guggy GIF Keyboard is a mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms that allows users to send and receive GIFs using a built-in keyboard function....

  17. A full version app for Android, by Sunshine Apps.

    Maki Plus: Facebook And Messenger In A Single App is a full version app for Android, belonging to the category 'Social & Communication'.

  18. A free program for Android, by GoodSoft Inc.

    Lite For Facebook - Lite Messenger is a free program for Android, that makes part of the category 'Social & Communication'.