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  1. Free file labelling and retrieval software

    Meta Search is a free file tagging and organization service. The app searches computer storage, online services, email accounts and more, assigning keywords...

  2. Maximize your chances of recovering deleted files

    Easy File Undelete is an efficient program to help recover your deleted files.The program will search the hard disk or external storage device for lost data,...

  3. MagicanFile

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    Free professional program to help you manage your files

    Ever lost a file in your system and simply can't find it? MagicanFile will help you do just that. This is a professional file manager designed to make sure...

  4. LookDisk

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    Efficient search utility for text files and file duplicates

  5. 2 Find MP3

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    Sniff out free MP3s without using P2P

    Ever since the rise of services like Napster prompted a 24/7 digital music knees-up across the planet, cash-savvy music fans have been connecting to the net...

  6. A photo-searching tool for advanced and heavy users

    If you only take a few hundred snaps on your phone every year, then you probably don?t need a tool such as the GPX Photo search GOLD. However, if you are a...

  7. Effectively manage your hard drive space with Disc Care

    Disc Care is a simple to use utility that keeps your hard drive free from clutter and unnecessary files that can slow your system down. The application uses...

  8. Find and remove duplicate images on your hard drive

    Image Cleaner - Fix Duplicates is a tool for people who take many shots of the same scenes. The app helps you find similar apps and group them together. You...

  9. Power Widget

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    A Great Virtual Assistant for Your Mac

    Power Widget is your Mac digital assistant that provides you access to everything and anything on your Mac computer in a single click. If you were missing a...

  10. Tagg

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    Personal file tagging utility

    Have you noticed how information is categorized in certain blogs and websites? Each post, article or review is assigned a series of tags to identify them and...

  11. Search ZIP files with Spotlight

    Ziplight can be a godsend if you work often with ZIP files. This little plugin works perfectly with Spotlight, allowing the Mac search function to look...

  12. Skylight

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    A nice, fast file search and launch tool

    Skylight is an eye-candy searching tool that enables you to find any file on your computer just by entering the first few letters of its name. The program...

  13. A stylish, efficient junk file cleaner

    Moo0 DiskCleaner is a simple yet effective junk file cleaner that allows you to free up disk space in just a couple of clicks.When you launch Moo0...

  14. A free tool for finding and organizing your files

    File Viewer Express is an app that allows you to search your entire system for certain types of files and then organize them, rename them, and move them....

  15. Vector Icon Box Pro - Well designed icons for you: an icon for every need

    We all use icons on our computers, but are we satisfied with them? While stock options exist, custom icon sets can really add individuality to a CPU. Vector...

  16. Preview any sound file

    It's hard to say if an application like RapidPreview is really that necessary. After all, you can just as much browse for music files and listen to them from...

  17. Tagg

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    Personal file tagging utility

    Have you noticed how information is categorized in certain blogs and websites? Each post, article or review is assigned a series of tags to identify them and...

  18. File organization and retrieval service

    Vaultedge is a file organization and searching service used to make retrieving relevant information easier. The software automatically tags and sorts files...

  19. A free tool to help you find duplicated files

    Find and check duplicate files on your system. Group them together, delete them, or rename them. A great tool for file hoarders.