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  1. FlickrShop

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    Upload Photoshop images to Flickr

    FlickrShop aims to unite two of the most popular applications for modern photographers: on one side the online photo storage site and on the other Adobe's...

  2. Upload iPhoto info to Flickr

    FFXporter is a little add on for iPhoto with which you can quickly export your photos to Flickr. Now the Flickr Uploadr is usually the weapon of choice to...

  3. Newslife

    • 3.5
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    Streamlined RSS reader

    Newslife is a minimalistic RSS reader that makes following your favorite sites and blogs a pleasure.Newslife displays custom icons for each of your feeds and...

  4. Flickrfox

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    Browse Flickr photo streams from a sidebar

    Flickrfox embeds a photo stream on your Firefox interface, allowing you to review pictures from the popular photo hosting site. You can manage groups, keep...

  5. Photonic

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    A Mac Flickr desktop client

    Flickr is a great site to publish pictures or simply browse photos. While you can upload your photos directly to the site, it may be easier to use a desktop...

  6. Export images directly to Flickr from iPhoto

    iPhoto has absolutely everything you could wish for from a photo app, including Geo-tagging and Facial Recognition, but one thing that's been lacking for a...

  7. Icons that represent Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and more

    If, like many people nowadays, you're a social networking addict then Free 3D Social Icons will appeal to you. It's a collection of icons celebrating sites...

  8. FlickrEdit

    • 3.2
    • (6 votes)

    A handy Flickr desktop client

    FlickrEdit is a simple Java-based application that lets you fully manage your Flickr account from your desktop.With FlickrEdit you can browse your images...

  9. Nostalgia

    • 4.4
    • (7 votes)

    Flickr browser and photo manager

  10. Manage your camera, hard drive and Flickr account together.

    If you use Flickr a lot to store your photos online, you might find the free app Flickr Streamr useful. Flickr Streamr is designed to make transferring...

  11. Gleam

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    Upload to Flickr in an exciting way

    Gleam is a popular, free Mac software, that is part of the category Design & Photography with subcategory Photo Albums & Viewers.