Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox 54.0

Mozilla sets the benchmark for web browsers

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source web browser that offers numerous features and customization options. Its performance is excellent, and it's designed to protect your privacy.


  • Several built-in features
  • Extensive catalog of add-ons
  • Highly customizable
  • Security options
  • The auto-complete feature


  • Slow to start

Best Firefox downloads

  • Mozilla Firefox 3


    Firefox 3 - a vintage edition of Mozilla's browser

    • PROS: Support for full screen video, Integration with Personas for easier customization, Improved performance, New tool to check for updates for plugins
    • CONS: It may be still incompatible with some extensions, Flash video doesn't benefit from enhanced video integration, Really old
    1145 votes
  • Mozilla Firefox

    Beta 9 40.0

    Test the beta version of Firefox

    • PROS: Stable for a beta, Quicker performance, Option to only load secured items on a page
    • CONS: More prone to crash than stable version, Slower scrolling in Gmail
    225 votes
  • Firefox 64-bit

    Nightly a1 14.0

    Firefox: Free Web Browser for 64-bit Operating Systems

    • PROS: Private browsing protects against tracking, Optional add-ons to customise browser, Separate address/search bars improves browser security.,
    • CONS: Some issues with browser freezing,
    382 votes
  • ZenMate VPN for Firefox

    (Mozilla Firefox) 5.4.8

    Excellent proxy switcher add-on

    • PROS: Very easy to setup and use, Switch between proxies easily, Allows you to view blocked sites in certain countries, Surfing speed is generally fast, Protects privacy online
    • CONS: Not enough countries supported, Requires email address for private browsing
    115 votes
  • Firefox Nightly

    Beta 1 28.0

    Firefox redesigned for touch and Windows 8

    • PROS: Thoughtfully redesigned interface, Animated tab thumbnails, Useful home screen
    • CONS: Have to set as default browser to use Modern UI version
    533 votes
  • Firefox

    Mozilla's 2nd version of Firefox

    • PROS: Anti-phishing support, More tab options, Search enhancements
    • CONS: Memory leak still a problem, Many extensions not compatible with this release
    29 votes
  • Firefox

    The web's best browser

    • PROS: Anti-phishing support, More tab options
    • CONS: Memory leak still a problem, Many extensions not compatible with this release
    184 votes
  • UltraSurf Firefox Tool


    Anonymous browsing for Firefox

    • PROS: Bypasses firewalls, Masks your IP address, Encrypts all of your online activities
    • CONS: Hard to tell if it's doing anything at all
    97 votes
  • Firefox Portable


    Firefox for people on the go

    • PROS: Identical to standard Firefox, Leaves no trace on the computer used one removed
    • CONS: Start-up can be a little slow
    113 votes
  • Firefox 3


    The third version of Mozilla's browser

    • PROS: Adds HD Full screen viewing, Integration with Personas
    • CONS: No revolutionary changes from version 3.5 , May be incompatible with some extensions, Still suffers from perennial problem of memory leak, Superceded by the latest versions of Firefox
    31 votes
  • Firefox Throttle


    Cap the upload and download limits on Firefox

    • PROS: Easy to use, Excludes certain IP addresses, Includes traffic stats
    • CONS: Easy to uninstall by network users
    78 votes
  • Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection

    Check how your website looks in different Firefox versions

    • PROS: Install several versions of Firefox in just one click, Includes special add-ons for webmasters and developers, Easy, straightforward installation
    • CONS: It doesn't include versions before 2.0
    27 votes
  • Portable Firefox


    Firefox for those on the move

    • PROS: Allows Firefox access from a USB stick, Performs the same as the main version
    • CONS: Not all extensions are compatible with it, Can be prone to instability
    5 votes