Download Genealogy - Best Software & Apps

  1. Family tree and genogram creator

    GenoPro is a paid education and reference program that allows you to map out a complete family tree and genogram. With this suite, you can precisely...

  2. Free-to-use genealogy app

    MyHeritage is a smartphone app that takes all the features from to your mobile device. Through this, you can make family discoveries, locate...

  3. A simple tool to create your genealogy

    There are many reasons to want to list down your genealogy. It may just be for simple reference purposes, but it might even be for serious considerations...

  4. Efficient and free genealogy software

    Ancentris is a free-of-charge genealogy utility tool program developed by Ancestris Association. With the help of this robust software, finding one’s root...

  5. A free Books & Reference app for Android

    GedStar Pro Genealogy Viewer is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Books & Reference, and has been developed by GHCS Software.

  6. Unique puzzle game

    Family is a free and extraordinary puzzle game developed by Owl_Skip for desktop. In this detective game, you will unravel the history of the London pop...

  7. Store genealogy information on a context map

  8. A free program for Android, by Bible Christian Digital Evangelist.

    Knowing your family tree is essential to keeping the connection alive. And as Christians, it is also as helpful if you know the family tree of Jesus, as this...

  9. Genealogy focused on the individual

  10. Full-featured free genealogy tool

  11. Kee your family tree up to date

    Genealogy is a useful, trial version program only available for Mac, that is part of the category Science & Education.