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  1. iPDA

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    Turn your iPod into a PDA

    iPDA is an ingenious little tool that literally turns your iPod into a full fledged PDA. The application will allow you to sync and transfer all your...

  2. ScanDrop Lite

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    ScanDrop Lite - Scan and upload documents to the cloud for free

    ScanDrop Lite allows you to scan documents from your computer and directly upload them to a selection of cloud storage providers for free. Compatible with...

  3. Firefox add-on to help add tasks to Gmail

    I love Gmail and anything that can boost it or make it better than it already is, is always welcome, especially when it comes to organizational...

  4. Tab Add-On to Quickly Access Gmail Accounts

    Tab for Gmail provides users with a quick and streamlined method to access their email accounts. Only a single click is required and other features such as...

  5. Free App for Gmail Users

    Contacts Sync for Google Gmail is a special app that allows Gmail users to sync all of their contacts and arrange the contacts into different groups to make...

  6. Mailplane

    • 3.9
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    Excellent tool to manage multiple Gmail accounts

    Mailplane is an excellent tool for anyone that has multiple Gmail accounts and needs to switch between then regularly.Mailplane was originally created back...

  7. AJAX-based collaboration tool

    Zimbra Desktop was one of the first applications to embrace Web 2.0 and show us what it could offer. It's been a little left behind by todays generation of...

  8. Sparrow

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    Free minimalist desktop client for Gmail

    Sparrow Lite is a handy tool for Gmail users that's exactly the same as Sparrow but is limited to just one Gmail account and features ads.The discreet...