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  1. Cool Game for Card Fans

    Onirim is a digital version of the very popular card game and has been designed especially so that solo gamers can get in on the action. The game comes...

  2. This mystery won't take long to solve

    Solitaire Mystery puts its own fun and imaginative spin on the traditional card game by adding in a hidden object element to puzzle over. The aim is to find...

  3. Free Cribbage Game by GrassGames

    If you don't know Cribbage, it's a classic two player card game with at least 400 years of history. With this free Cribbage game, you can play and practice...

  4. Cool Game for Card Lovers

    Surly Blackjack is a computerised version of one of the world’s most popular card games. The game gives solo gamers the chance to hone their blackjack skills...

  5. Hearts! 2

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    Cool Game for Card Lovers

    Hearts! 2 is a computerised version of the popular card game and features smooth 3D graphics that help to draw players into the game straight away. Gamers...

  6. Poker Fever

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    Catch Poker Fever with a simple digital casino

    Poker Fever is a poker game that allows the user to play "Jacks or better" with a well-made, high-quality interface and realistic casino-like odds. It plays...

  7. Free Game for Card Players

    BlackJack - Daily 21 Points is a computerised version of the popular card game. Players pit their wits against the dealer with the main aim of the game being...

  8. Play your cards right

    9 Fun Card Games - Solitaire puts a quirky twist on the traditional card game format. As the name suggests there are nine games, but they are not all...

  9. Klondike 3D

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    Free Game for Cards Lovers

    Klondike 3D is a computer game that is based on one of the most popular versions of solitaire. The game comes complete with smooth and attractive graphics...

  10. OverlordZ

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    An “evil” card game

    OverlordZ is a free strategy card game where you play with armies of vampires, demons, werewolves, and zombies against bot players. The indie developer...

  11. Put your Card Game Skills to the Test with Tripeaks Solitaire

    Tripeaks Solitaire is a digital version of the traditional card game. All the rules are in place, and players familiar with it will be able to start right...

  12. A card game in the Star Wars universe

    Star Wars: Assault Team is a mixture of a role-playing and strategy game where you fight in turn-based battles. All the main characters of the Star Wars...

  13. A virtual reality twist on classic card games

    Solitaire VR is a virtual reality take on the classic PC card game. With graphics and gameplay that put a twist on an old favourite, Solitaire VR shakes up...

  14. Capcom’s Ultimate Card Battler Crossover Game

    TEPPEN is a free-to-play digital card battle mobile game where the various all-star characters of Capcom’s finest games come together in an epic crossover....

  15. Spider+

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    Spider+ - Spider Solitaire app

    Spider+ is a spider solitaire app that includes several difficulty levels, customization features and graphical options. Solitaire fans will find plenty of...