Download Horror Games Free For Windows - Best Software & Apps | 6

  1. The Keeper

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    Free horror puzzle game

    The Keeper is a first-person indie game developed by Comp-3 Interactive. In this puzzle game, you control a fisherman, who crashed on a lonely island...

  2. Short but immensely creepy horror game

    Water Womb World is a free-to-download adventure game developed by Yames—an independent developer who’s well-known in creating an obscure philosophy-themed...

  3. Overhaul of the classic FPS game

    Doom: Live Through DOOM Mod is a game utility developed by Grey-Wolf which allows you to play Doom—a well-known classic FPS game by id Software during the...

  4. Insanity

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    First-Person Horror and Adventure Role-Playing Game

    Insanity is a first-person horror game which pits the player against a mysterious beast while exploring a hostile environment. The primary goal is to collect...

  5. Cool Game for Horror Fans

    Dreadhalls is a horror adventure game that has been optimised for the virtual reality gaming community. Players have to creep their way through a series of...

  6. A free Slender style horror game

    Dream of the Bad Moon is a first person free horror game, inspired by the viral phenomenon Slender. It adds to that concept with an original story and more...

  7. Llorona

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    Free horror game about the Sobbing Lady

    Llorona is a free PS1-styled horror game roused by Mexican legends, which sees you moving into a manor that is haunted by a sobbing lady who can never...

  8. A horror game that will make your hair stand on end

    Forget Me Not Annie is an independent, first person horror game.In Forget Me Not Annie, players take on the role of Annie, a girl who is locked in her own...

  9. A VR demonstration of different horror techniques

    Directionless places you in a series of different situations and tries to scare you. It is a six-minute experience with no re-play value. The scenarios and...

  10. Surreal horror adventure game

    0_abyssalSomewhere is a free indie game developed by Nonoise. This game will have you play a lean-looking knight who woke up in a monochromatic environment...

  11. Survival horror text adventure game

    The Doom Of The Pond is an adventure game for PC developed by Furillo Productions. It’s an interactive text-based survival horror created to be played on the...

  12. Indie horror game for PC

    Symphony of Seven Souls is a free adventure game created by an indie developer who goes by the name Katanalevy. This is a first-person...

  13. Cleanse the forest in this horror game

    Scarecrow CO-OP 2 is a free multiplayer horror adventure game that lets you run around a forest corrupted by a creature that was summoned by an unknown group...

  14. Cold Shot

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    Finish the last mission in this horror game

    Cold Shot is a free action video game wherein you must fulfill one last contract. Developed by Albert “skydrow” Ortiz, this 3D first-person horror game is a...

  15. Atmospheric horror game

    I Spoke to God is an indie game developed by cursedROm. Free to download and play, this game will have you go on an adventure at an abandoned facility at the...

  16. A free horror game about a spooky new apartment

    Buried Darkness is a free adventure video game wherein you have to keep your new home safe. Developed by Allyigames, this 3D indie game offers a...

  17. Free Game for Horror Fans

    Four Nights at Sanatorium is a horror game that promises to deliver plenty of thrills and spills. Players are charged with spending four hair-raising days...

  18. Free indie horror platformer

    Plead with the Mountain God is an independent platformer adventure game developed by Potentially Odd. In this dark horror fantasy, you’re tasked to climb...

  19. A Skull

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    Free horror visual novel

    A Skull is a short and free visual novel created by independent developer Alpha Chrome Yayo. This game is set to probe the recesses of your psyche through...

  20. The Librarian

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    An entertaining point and click horror

    Despite the advances in technology over the years, the enduring 'point and click' adventure remains a popular genre for both serious and casual gamers. This...