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  1. One of the most popular indie games of all time returns

    Icy Tower 2 is an arcade game where your objective is simple - jump as far up a tower as you can!You could see Icy Tower, released in 2001, as a forunner to...

  2. Airport construction and management sim

    Sim Airport is an indie management game where players build and maintain their own airport. Create a fully functional airport including runways, departures...

  3. Indie WWII bomber simulator

    Bomber Crew is a WWII bomber simulator. Assemble a crew, develop a plane and run missions over Nazi occupied Europe during the real world events of the war.

  4. Subject 65

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Free indie horror adventure game

    Subject 65 is a free first-person horror game produced by Max Horror. This game will have you embark on an adventure inside an old psychiatric hospital in...

  5. Dusk

    • 4.4
    • (21 votes)

    90's style fast shooter

    DUSK is a retro inspired indie FPS. Fight through hordes of enemies with action straight out of the 90's.

  6. 2D indie platforming madness

    Super Meat Boy is a 2D indie platformer praised for its tight control scheme and rising difficulty. Players guide a square of meat to find his girlfriend...

  7. Contemp

    • 4.6
    • (9 votes)

    Free indie horror walking simulator

    Contempt is a free indie horror walking simulator. Investigate a seemingly abandoned house by going from room to room while strange sounds echo around the...

  8. TV Night

    • 4.8
    • (4 votes)

    Beware of the TV in this free indie horror game

    TV Night is a short but free first-person indie horror-adventure video game that lets you play as a child who is determined to break the rules and stay up...

  9. Early access indie business simulator

    Startup Company is an early access business simulator. Starting with an empty bank account, the game tasks players with building their own office and...

  10. The fifth release for Freddy fans, now for Android

    Five Nights at Freddy’s was a hit indie game which not only spawned some copycats, but made waves on PC and mobile with its unique gameplay and real jump...

  11. Indie tactical multiplayer helicopter action

    Heliborne is an indie helicopter based multiplayer action game. Fly over 40 different kinds of helicopters, level up by completing adjectives and battle...

  12. ToyBox

    • 4.7
    • (25 votes)

    Dare you open this ToyBox?

    Not all indie games look the same, which is one of the great things about indie development. However, even games which are simple graphically can surprise...

  13. A philosophical choose-you- own-adventure game

    The Stanley Parable is an adventure game developed and published by Galactic Cafe. In it, you play as the eponymous Stanley as he explores a deserted office...

  14. A Capable 3D Animation Software for Artists on a Budget

    Autodesk Maya LT is basically a trimmed-down variant of Maya that primarily focuses on the requirements of game developers. If you cannot afford the...

  15. Nidhogg

    • 3.2
    • (295 votes)

    Indie sword fighting action game

    Nidhogg is an indie action game where two players engage in a fencing tug of war to earn a place in the Nordic afterlife. Two stick figures battle with...

  16. Remastered version of popular indie game

    Night Shift at Freddy's: Remastered is a free Windows game, that belongs to the category PC games with subcategory Strategy and has been published by psonday...

  17. Free indie game about love and the stars

    There's this girl is a short and simple interactive visual novel video game wherein you experience the love story between two girls. Created by Angela He...

  18. Free indie click and point horror game

    Five Nights At Candy's (FNAC) is an unofficial sequel to the hit indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy's. Similarly to the original game, your task is to...

  19. Race to become a drifting master

    To become a master at any skill or subject, practice is the key to success. This truth seems to be the foundation upon which Absolute Drift was founded on...

  20. Indie grim reaper puzzle game

    Death Coming is an indie non-linear puzzle game. You play as a recently deceased mortal who must help the Grim Reaper with his endless task while avoiding...