GO Launcher Z

GO Launcher Z

A launcher with a lot of included downloads

Go Launcher Z (formerly Go Launcher EX) is a home screen customization app that replaces your stock Android launcher.


  • Good amount of options
  • Open apps using gestures
  • Some useful widgets


  • Pushes its own products
  • Slower performance than competitors

Best Launcher downloads

  • APUS Launcher


    Lightweight in size and customization

    • PROS: Small install, Sort apps, Optimize search
    • CONS: You can't remove folder/app icons, Very limited customization options
    53 votes
  • Multi Skype Launcher


    Connect multiple Skype accounts simulataneously

    • PROS: Connect multiple Skype accounts, Easy to configure and use, Does not modify Skype files
    • CONS: Does not show which accounts are open, Very few configuracion options
    274 votes
  • CM Launcher


    A lightweight launcher for your Android

    • PROS: Lightweight, Useful battery saving tools, Very fast
    • CONS: Little customization, Less useful for powerful devices
    10 votes
  • Google Now Launcher

    A smarter way to use your phone or tablet

    • PROS: Neat integration with Google Now, Always-on voice search and commands, Fast access to wallpapers, widgets and setup
    • CONS: Not as customizable as other launchers
    5 votes
  • Chrome App Launcher

    Access all your Google Chrome apps from your desktop

    • PROS: Has all Google Chrome apps and services, Integrated search engine, Convenient and easy to use
    • CONS: Uninstalling the launcher isn't straightforward
    148 votes
  • Nova Launcher


    Add a personal touch to Android with an extremely effective launcher

    • PROS: Lots of options, Very fast and responsive, Easy and effective organization of apps and files
    • CONS: Takes time to learn all the options, Occasional loading times on startup
    29 votes
  • Nemus Launcher

    An Android Launcher with Some Serious Potential

    • PROS: Theme-ready , Some additional features make things exciting
    • CONS: User experience's not in stark contrast to other launchers, Apps, at times, could be slow to load
    7 votes
  • WP Launcher (Launcher 8)


    If you want a Window Phone filled with Android apps, this could be the answer

    • PROS: Transforms your Android interface , Mimics the attractive Windows Phone interface well, Makes you appreciate WP more
    • CONS: Apps prove inconsistent with interface, Crashes from time to time, Fiddly at times (like the WP interface)
    16 votes
  • Solo Launcher

    A highly customizable launcher for Android

    • PROS: Many customization options, Many free themes
    • CONS: Non-standard search bar
    No votes yet
  • Mobo launcher


    Mobo Launcher comes with the new category option, with glamorous themes, a smoother experience and more practical functions.

    40 votes
  • 8Start Launcher


    Create your own Windows Start menu

    • PROS: Allows you to personalize menus the way you want, Speeds up access to applications
    • CONS: Doesn't automatically update when applications are un-installed
    152 votes