Download Lego Games Free For Iphone - Best Software & Apps

  1. Lego-like sandbox worlds designed for kids

    ROBLOX is an online set of worlds, built with a virtual Lego-like kit, that kids of all ages can play around in. 

  2. Be a hero in your Lego City!

    Capture criminals, put out fires, and even tow cars in this arcade variety game for iOS.

  3. A kids adventure in the LEGO world, with criminals and lost cats!

    LEGO Juniors Quest is a kids game set in the colorful world of LEGO. The player becomes a police officer who has to catch a criminal that has escaped from...

  4. The Lego Star Wars app is childish fun for people of all ages

    The LEGO Star Wars: TFA game is based on the Force Awakens movie, and yes, it does feature a massive spoiler for the movie (that thing that happens), so do...

  5. A free app for iPhone, by LEGO System AS.

    LEGO HIDDEN SIDE is a free game for iPhone, belonging to the category 'Games'.

  6. Fight fires with LEGO

    LEGO City Fire Hose Frenzy is a great kids puzzle game on iOS.The whole point of LEGO City Fire Hose Frenzy is to use a fire hose to douse fires that are...

  7. Build your own Lego building

    Lego Tower is a building game where players can create towering buildings and apartments for their mini Lego figures to live in. There are no limits to how...