Download Netflix - Best Software & Apps

  1. The perfect app for watching shows and movies!

    Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming applications. It allows you to access a huge library of TV shows and movies in different languages and...

  2. Access your favorite movies and TV shows instantly

    Netflix is a free extension and app for the Google Chrome web browser and for use with Google’s Chromebook. Designed to provide users access to the streaming...

  3. Netflix VR

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    Browse Netflix's catalogue of content in virtual reality

    Netflix VR is an app that's uniquely compatible with Google's Daydream virtual reality viewing device, though it promises to be available to more platforms...

  4. Remote movie nights with friends

    Netflix night has gotten even more chill with Netflix Party. This special add-on to the popular streaming service lets you and your friends watch a movie...

  5. An App That Helps You Pull Pranks on Netflix Lovers

    Hack Netlfix 2018 Prank is a fun tool that basically helps you prank your friends and family. It does so by making them believe that premium content on...

  6. Switch your locations and get access to global content like Netflix, Hulu, NFL matches, etc.

  7. Free Online Software to Track Popular Movies and Programs

    Simkl TV Tracker is an online system which enables users to follow the most popular films and television series. Searches can be sorted by genre, title...

  8. A free program for mac

    Friendly for Netflix is a free program only available for Mac, being part of the category Science & Education with subcategory Funny Things.

  9. Exciting continuation of the popular Netflix series

    Stranger Things is a free mobile game developed for both iOS and Android smartphones and mobile devices. Designed for users to play as their favourite...

  10. Queued

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    Manage your Netflix queue from your desktop

    Queued is a handy desktop application that allows you to organize and add to your Netflix queue without having to log into your account online.Before you can...

  11. Manage your Netflix rental queue

    Netflix Freak is a great, trial version software only available for Mac, that belongs to the category Audio & Video with subcategory Editors & Managers.

  12. iNeedFlix

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    Manage your netflix queue

    iNeedFlix is a no-fuss manager for your Netflix queues. Instead of opening up your browser and going to the Netflix homepage every time, you can install...

  13. Plot Guru

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    Free App for Netflix Fans

    People who enjoy watching Netflix and are looking for a new way to enjoy their favourite shows with friends and family should take a look at Plot Guru. This...

  14. A full version program for mac

    App Flix for Netflix is a full version Mac software, being part of the category Science & Education with subcategory Funny Things.

  15. Showgoers for Netflix Makes TV Social Again

    Netflix has really changed the face of entertainment. With a hundred apps following suit, this service has made it possible to watch great TV and movies...

  16. A free program for mac, by It's About Time Products

    Streaming - Netflix edition - It's About Time is a free program only available for Mac, that is part of the category 'Education & Reference' and the...

  17. Software to Quickly Browse Through Netflix Movie Categories

    The online portal Netflix literally offers tens of thousands of movies to enjoy. While this selection is indeed impressive, some users will have a difficult...