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  1. Centralised Software to Switch Between Different Email Accounts

    Shift is a unique desktop application that allows you to easily switch between personal Gmail accounts. If you normally have a number of different portals...

  2. MEDiX Doctor

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    Free and Professional Medical Office Management Software

    As opposed to packages such as QuickBooks or Excel medical offices now have access to free and streamlined archive management software that is highly...

  3. A simple and efficient invoicing program

    Bee Invoicing is a simple invoicing program for freelancers and small businesses that is inexpensive and doesn't require a monthly subscription.

  4. Make Office Ready Spreadsheets Simply, Easily And Affordably.

    Easy Editor for Zoho Spreadsheet is a desktop application that provides access to the Zoho cloud service's spreadsheet creator, as well as to the actual...

  5. Handy Tool for Office Management

    Paymo is a tool that provides a one stop solution to office management for small and medium sized businesses. The software comes packed with useful features...

  6. Put your office workspace in one place

    ZeyOS consists of software that may allow you to run your business from just one place. For example, it has CRM (customer relations management) functions...

  7. MarsEdit 4

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    Free Content Management Software for Bloggers

    MarsEdit 4, developed by Red Sweater Software, is a blog editing platform, allowing users to manage, create, edit and publish blog posts from their desktop....

  8. Useful Office Management Tool

    Maxpanda CMMS is special software that is designed to assist with all aspects of office management and help users to integrate the various aspects so that...

  9. Smart Tool for Office Management

    DynaDo is a special tool that allows users to integrate all aspects of their office such as emails, work schedules and customer service issues in a very...

  10. A full version program for iPhone, by DK CONSULTING TOV.

    Project Office: Gantt Chart is a full version app for iPhone, that makes part of the category 'Business & Productivity'.

  11. Database

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    Organise your data with the Database app!

    Database makes working with large volumes of data easier and is the ideal application for any project/job where a lot of text-based data needs to be kept....

  12. Free Comprehensive Warehouse Management Tools

    Solucion Almacen is a free Spanish-language desktop application that aids in warehouse management and control through a series of useful tools and its large...

  13. Small business focused financial service

    FreeAgent is a financial planning service designed around the needs of small business owners and freelancers, primarily in the UK. Alongside automating...