Download Offline - Best Software & Apps | 4

  1. Free website downloader for offline browsing

    Website Downloader is a free online service used to download a website and all its assets. The website can then be browsed offline like a regular site or...

  2. A full version app for iPhone, by Alex Shibkov.

    Case Opener Ultimate - Offline is a full version game for iPhone, that makes part of the category 'Games'.

  3. iSwiff

    • 3.6
    • (17 votes)

    Play Flash games offline

    Flash games are not always the best in terms of graphics but they're fun, fast and importantly, usually completely free. The downside is that you always need...

  4. A free game for android

    MAD ZOMBIES Offline Zombie Games is a free game for Android that belongs to the category Action, and has been developed by VNG GAME STUDIOS. This game is...

  5. Zeal

    • 3.8
    • (2 votes)

    Read Your Documentation Offline

    Zeal is a free software that allows you to read through all the docsets for a plethora of modern programming languages, even when you're offline. Since most...

  6. A free top-down pool game

    Pool 2018 is a free pool game where you aim a white arrow on the screen to direct your shots. Play up to level 10 offline and level 100 online. Make trick...

  7. A free app for Android, by GPS Offline Maps PI.

    Offline Maps And GPS Offline Navigation is a free program for Android, belonging to the category 'Maps & GPS'.

  8. HERE

    • 3.7
    • (69 votes)

    An excellent map app alternative with a great offline mode

    HERE is Nokia's answer to Google Maps and Apple's Maps. Its flagship feature is downloadable maps that you can easily use offline when traveling without an...

  9. StarDict

    • 3.3
    • (35 votes)

    An Open-Source Dictionary App with Great Versatility

    StarDict is a free, cross-platform dictionary app. This international dictionary software has quite a few powerful features under its sleeve, such as ‘scan...

  10. Download complete web sites to your PC for offline viewing

  11. The best way to discover, download, and share new music, mixtapes, and albums

    If you love your music and have Android then downloading the free Audiomack Hip-Hop app for your device will give you hours of entertainment options. This...

  12. Map Puzzle

    • 4.1
    • (24 votes)

    A Tool That Lets You Push Offline Specific Map Locations

    Map Puzzle is a program that lets you download a particular map location from different map services, such as Google and Bing Maps. The tool lets you save...

  13. A free program for Android, by Offline Games Studio.

    Sniper Cover Operation: FPS Shooting Games 2019 is a free software for Android, that belongs to the category 'Action'.

  14. A free app for Android, by Big Alpha Games.

    Farm Day Village Farming: Offline Games is a free app for Android, that belongs to the category 'Adventure'.

  15. A free app for Android, by ImaginaryTech.

    Al Quran With Urdu Translation Audio Mp3 Offline is a free software for Android, that belongs to the category 'Music & Radio'.

  16. Carry your music with you

    Music FM: Offline Mp3 Player is a multimedia app where you can stream music to your heart’s content. It features up to millions of titles that you can choose...

  17. MAPinr-KML/KMZ/GPS/POI/OFFLINE - Add some functionality to your Google maps!

    MAPinr-KML/KMZ/GPS/POI/OFFLINE adds advanced functionality to your existing Google maps application. The app allows users to add functions such as extensive...

  18. A tool offering free music and a free equalizer function

    The Music Player-GO Music Player app allows you to search through songs and listen to free songs without breaking any copyright rules. There are also paid...

  19. Offline Music Player - Play all your favorite tunes offline!

    Offline Music Player is a simple to use music player that allows you to play the music stored on your device in high quality and with ease. The application...