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  1. A free program for windows

    Kids animal puzzle and memory skill games is a free software only available for Windows, belonging to the category Science & education software.

  2. A Free Puzzle game for Windows

    Doodle God Free for Windows 10 is a free game only available for Windows, belonging to the category PC games with subcategory Puzzle and has been created by...

  3. PuzzleTouch

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    Simple and challenging puzzle game

    PuzzleTouch has a simple premise - put together various puzzles in the least amount of time to get a higher score.There are three levels of difficulty in...

  4. A match-3 game like Candy Crush Saga

    Treasures of Montezuma 3 is a match-3 type puzzle game (similar to Candy Crush Saga) in which you need to match tokens in order to unlock treasures. The game...

  5. Find A Way To Renovate, Three Pieces At A Time.

    Matchington Mansion - Match 3 Home Decor Adventure is a game in which you play as the returning butler of a worn-down mansion. By putting together three or...

  6. Disappointing murder mystery hidden object game

    Deadly Puzzles: Toymaker is a hidden object game based around a crime story in a sleepy town being terrorized by a serial killer. The game's name comes from...

  7. Night Lights

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    Simple 2d puzzle platformer

    Night Lights is a 2d puzzle platformer based on the interaction between light and shadow. Use brilliant beams of orange light to solve puzzles while...

  8. Free Game for Puzzle Lovers

    Jewels Star - Match 3 Adventure is a classic puzzle game where players have to match groups of free or more jewels to clear the screen and reach the next...

  9. Covert Front

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    Free puzzle games where you’re a spy

    Covert Front is a free series of point-and-click adventure puzzle video games wherein you play as a spy hunting for clues as to the whereabouts of a missing...

  10. Free Game for Puzzle Fans

    Grandma is a puzzle game with a rather dark and twisted theme. The action takes place in an abandoned house in the countryside and players have to explore...

  11. Free Game for Puzzle Lovers

    Can You Escape – Island is a classic escape game that takes place on a desert island. Players become shipwrecked on the island and need to find a way to...

  12. Colourful Game for Puzzle Fans

    Tala and the Flower Seed is a puzzle adventure game where players take on the role of a young girl called Tala. As players explore the village that Tala grew...

  13. Fun VR-Based Puzzle Adventure Game

    Those who have ever found themselves trapped in an elevator are well aware of the boredom that can ensue. Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition provides this unique...

  14. DoubleMe

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    Find and kill your clone

    Ever wonder how it feels like to have yourself a clone? Well, in the puzzle game developed by Wolderado for desktop called DoubleMe, you’ll experience having...

  15. Free Game for Puzzle Fans

    Jump Doper is a take on the child’s game out jump rope. Players are presented with an image of a rotating skipping rope and have to time their jumps so that...

  16. Dreams

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    Simple spot-the-difference game

    Dreams is a simple puzzle game from DifferenceGames. It is a free-to-play game that employs spot-the-difference gameplay. In the game, the protagonist—a...

  17. Engaging Game for Puzzle Lovers

    Alice Mystery Garden is a puzzle game that manages to pack in plenty of adventure and mystery at the same time. The game takes the classic tale of Alice in...

  18. A free game for Windows, by Cuixiping

    Color Lines HTML5 for Windows 10 is a free game only available for WindowsIt makes part of the category'Puzzle'.

  19. Sugary sweet match-three fun

    Pastry Paradise is another match-three mobile game based around connecting groups of sugary treats. If you're a Candy Crush Saga fan this game will get you...