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  1. Media player for Android

    MX Player is a free media player app for Android and iOS smartphones specializing in videos but also capable of playing audio. The latest updates work on iOS...

  2. DimScreen

    • 3.7
    • (1440 votes)

    Change screen brightness with a click or a keyboard shortcut

    DimScreen is a small app that easily changes the brightness of your screens. In laptops this is achieved thanks to two shortcuts (Fn and two function keys);...

  3. F.lux

    • 4.2
    • (671 votes)

    Color temperature adjustment utility for PC

    F.lux is a free utility tool for PC made by developer Michael Herf. With it, users will be able to adjust the color temperature of their computer screen...

  4. Free software to adjust the brightness of a computer screen

    Desktop Lighter is a software package that enables users to easily manipulate the brightness of their computer screen. This can be advantageous during...

  5. Save battery and control screen brightness

    Adjust Laptop Brightness is a piece of software developed for laptops running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP operating systems. Designed to save the life of...

  6. Calibrize

    • 3
    • (64 votes)

    Adjust the brightness, contrast and color of your screen in three steps

    Calibrize is a nice, free program only available for Windows, that is part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Analysis & Optimization (more...

  7. PangoBright
    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Free screen dimmer program

    Pangobright is a free and lightweight screen dimmer for desktop. The personalization program was developed by Pangolin Laser Systems Inc. for users working...

  8. A free app for WIndows, by Nelson Pires

    Dimmer is a free program for Windows, belonging to the category 'Utilities & Tools'

  9. Free Tool For Darkness Warriors

    Brightness Slider is a special tool that has been designed to allow users to adjust the brightness on their laptop or PC screen quickly and conveniently. The...

  10. Brightness

    • 3.4
    • (23 votes)

    Simple screen brightness controller for your desktop

    I've always found it a bit annoying that you have to access screen preferences to adjust the brightness settings on Macs. I know you can control it from the...

  11. Control the brightness and contrast of your screen

    If you've ever needed more control over your screen controls other than those offered by Windows, then DarkAdapted is the program for you. It allows you more...

  12. Flashlight

    • 4.5
    • (18 votes)

    Free and Useful LED Torch Light for Mobile Phones

    Most modern smartphones come equipped with a built-in flashlight and unfortunately, these normally do not provide the proper illumination. An application...

  13. Still too bright?

    Lower Brightness Screen Filter Pro is a tool that can reduce the screen brightness more than your device’s brightness limit. You can easily reduce the...

  14. Capture Your Screen's Image

    It can be convienent at times to take a screen capture of what you're seeing on your screen and save the image to your computer. Enter PrintKey-Pro a utility...

  15. A free app for Android, by PakSoftwares.

    Brightness Level - Screen is a free software for Android, that belongs to the category 'Utilities & Tools'.

  16. VieasEx
    • 3.1
    • (6 votes)

    A modest but effective image editor

    VieasEx is an image viewer with editing functions designed to make minor edits without having to resort to heavy or complex programs like Photoshop. With...

  17. Wake Up with Tunes

    Alarm Clock for Me free is a 'Business & Productivity' app created by Apalon Apps. Users can use their favorite tunes from their devices as a personalized...

  18. Gives you deeper control of your screen brightness

    Your operating system and/or your device has its own preset levels for screen brightness. However, some people feel their screen is too bright even when...

  19. Application to Adjust the Brightness of an On-Screen Display

    Have you been frustrated with an on-screen display that appears too dark? This unique application will allow you to modify such parameters outside of their...

  20. Bounce lasers around to solve puzzles

    The most addictive games are usually the most simple and Lumen is definitely one that's hard to stop playing. However, although it's simple when you get...