Download Secure Messaging For Windows - Best Software & Apps

  1. Messaging made easy

    You would not have to switch between messaging platforms anymore with All-in-One Messenger. It is a useful browser extension that will allow you to...

  2. Medical billing software

    Kareo Billing is a medical billing and practice management app created for physicians and medical practitioners. This app allows users to schedule patients...

  3. Linphone offers secure, free VOIP

    Voice Over IP lets you make phone calls via the internet Linphone is a smallish, open source project which aims to provide that service for free. This very...

  4. Free App for Privacy Lovers

    Wickr Messenger is a special messaging system that has been designed for the Android platform. Users can send encrypted messaged and video content over a...

  5. VIPole strongly encrypts messages, group chats, voice/video calls and files from prying eyes

  6. Use Your Windows 10 PC to Send/Receive Text Messages

    Text Desk is an app that helps you use your Windows 10 PC to send and receive text messages from your phone. If you constantly get messages on your...

  7. Safe chat via P2P, by BitTorrent

    BitTorrent Bleep is an innovative instant messaging app developed by BitTorrent. Say goodbye to centralized servers that store your messages, and hello to...

  8. Easy and secure multimedia conference tool

  9. Secure realtime communication over a LAN

  10. A complete chat utility for local area networks

  11. Chat anonymously with this multi-network IM client