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  1. GetSwift

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    Free business logistics management bundle for smartphone users

    GetSwift is a free smartphone application which provides users with detailed in-house logistical oversight capabilities. It boasts real-time tracking, a...

  2. Free software to delete Facebook messages with a single click

    Facebook Fast Delete Messages will help users save a great deal of time if they wish to discard a specific message within their inbox. As opposed to...

  3. Easy To Use - Microsoft Excel 2016 Edition - Comprehensive MS Excel tutorial

    Easy To Use - Microsoft Excel 2016 Edition is a easy to understand tutorial that is designed to help users understand the basics of Microsoft Excel. The...

  4. Simple free spaceship fun

    Games have got more complicated, and many are so complicated that it takes a long while to learn the gameplay. SpaceShip is different; all the player has to...

  5. Run, jump and climb your way to the finish

    iTraceur - Parkour / Freerunning Platform Game is a mobile designed for smartphones and tablets. As a platformer, iTraceur - Parkour / Freerunning Platform...