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  1. JobsPainter

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    Hands-on Digital Drawing Application for Personal Use

    This application can be used as a replacement for other common drawing-related tools such as Microsoft Paint. It offers an intuitive interface as well as a...

  2. GetSwift

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    Free business logistics management bundle for smartphone users

    GetSwift is a free smartphone application which provides users with detailed in-house logistical oversight capabilities. It boasts real-time tracking, a...

  3. Free software to delete Facebook messages with a single click

    Facebook Fast Delete Messages will help users save a great deal of time if they wish to discard a specific message within their inbox. As opposed to...

  4. Automatic encryption software to securely view websites

    HTTPS Everywhere is a software bundle which allows users to browse the Internet safely and securely. Essentially, it changes a website address from the...

  5. Application to download and view flash media files

    Flash Player + is a basic package that allows users to download and access flash files. It is also a useful tool in the event that a number of different...

  6. Simple free spaceship fun

    Games have got more complicated, and many are so complicated that it takes a long while to learn the gameplay. SpaceShip is different; all the player has to...

  7. Fun and engaging Pac-Man-styled game for personal computers

    PacRush is a game that has taken many of the visual characteristics of Pac-Man and transformed them into a more modern platform. Unlike the original version,...

  8. Easy To Use - Microsoft Excel 2016 Edition - Comprehensive MS Excel tutorial

    Easy To Use - Microsoft Excel 2016 Edition is a easy to understand tutorial that is designed to help users understand the basics of Microsoft Excel. The...