Star Wars Empire at War

Star Wars Empire at War - Forces of Corruption

Everything A Star Wars Fan Needs From An Real Time Strategy Game

The Star Wars Empire at War game is a very highly reviewed. It was created in 2006 which means the graphics are a little outdated these days but it still stands apart from other Star Wars games as a solid entry to the franchise. You may play the storyline campaign the galactic conquest campaign and then move on to the skirmish mode when you have completed the game and wish to continue playing.


  • The sound effects and models are very similar to what you see in the movies
  • There are plenty of units to build
  • The space battles and ground battles mix is very entertaining


  • You will soon become tired of the repetitive voice confirmation sounds
  • Some areas feel a little claustrophobic
  • You can build a massive army and send them all at once to defeat the game

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