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  1. Experience enhanced sound from Dolby Atmos with Dolby Access

    Dolby Access lets you set up and trial Dolby Atmos, an advanced sound technology for immersive audio. The application helps you configure Windows 10 to...

  2. Free App for Telly Addicts

    ZengaTV is a free app that allows users to watch various different television shows on the Smartphone or tablet. The app is compatible with most of the...

  3. RarmaRadio

    • 3.8
    • (89 votes)

    Tune in to thousands of streaming radio and TV stations

    RarmaRadio is a complete audio and video streaming app that lets you tune in to radio and TV stations from all over the world.The program includes thousands...

  4. Icy Radio

    • 4.1
    • (82 votes)

    Radio/TV player, station searcher and recorder

    Icy Radio is a player that specializes in radio and TV over the Internet, allows you to search hundreds of channels and save them. You can save up to 100...


    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Watch TV at your fingertips

    LAZY IPTV is a free entertainment utility that enables you to stream technology-based IPTV whenever and wherever you want. Keep in mind though that the...

  6. Stay informed

    Avid viewers of Fox News can now bring the channel anywhere they want to with the Fox Nation App. Aside from the shows aired in Fox Channel, users will also...

  7. SlingPlayer

    • 3.1
    • (11 votes)

    Watch your TV wherever you are with Slingbox

    The first time I ever used SlingPlayer, a friend in the US invited me to watch his Tivo, even though I was on the other side of the world. It worked a treat...

  8. A Full Version program for Android‚ by Sperl Heavy Industries

    projectM Music Visualizer TV is a full version software only available for Android, that is part of the category 'Multimedia' and the subcategory Audio', and...

  9. A free program for android

    Cast to TV: Video/Audio to Chromecast/FireTV/DLNA is a free program for Android that belongs to the category Multimedia, and has been developed by Castify....

  10. Video TV SideView : Remote for android from Sony Corporation

    The Video & TV SideView is a video remote control app. You can use a smartphone or tablet as a quick remote control for your TV viewing experience. The app...

  11. Free Internet TV app with direct access to YouTube

    A television set in the dining-room is no longer the only device you can use to watch TV. Now you can also use your computer, as long as you have the...

  12. Mix audio and video sources in your DJ sessions

    Deejaysystem Video VJ-II is a professional audio and video mixer that you can use in live performances with your computer.The interface in Deejaysystem Video...

  13. MKV2MP4

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    A Lossless MKV to MP4 Conversion Tool

    MKV2MP4 is an application designed to convert video files in the MKV format to the more widely-utilized MP4 format. However, unlike many other tools of this...

  14. BAO TV

    • 2.7
    • (37 votes)

    Grab VHS and BETA video and audio on Windows 98

    If you'ver got lots of memories or footage on VHS or Betamax and are still using Windows 98, usually there aren't many options to transfer footage. However...

  15. Convert almost all video and audio to Apple TV format

    Apple TV Video Converter is a useful, trial version software only available for Mac, that belongs to the category Audio & Video with subcategory Converters &...

  16. Star in your own TV channel using your Android phone

    If you want to become a TV star don't bother going on Big Brother, just install Bambuser on your phone and broadcast yourself live on the internet!Bambuser...

  17. Joost

    • 0.3
    • (2 votes)

    Watch TV on your iPhone

    Thanks to improvements in Internet TV services, the humble television set is no longer the focal point of everyone's house. In fact as these technologies are...