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  1. iTools

    • 2.7
    • (264 votes)

    A free iTunes alternative for Mac OS

    iTools for Mac is a free iOS device management tool with a user-friendly interface. You can use it to manage data stored on devices such as iPhones, iPods...

  2. One of the most popular web servers around

    If you've ever needed a reliable cross platform server, then you should look no further than the Apache HTTP Server which over the years has become on of the...

  3. Flux

    • 3.6
    • (7 votes)

    Web design made easy

    Web design can be a daunting thing if you don't know anything about CSS, HTML and all the other jargon that surrounds it.There have been many attempts to...

  4. Share media devices throughout your home

    With so many multimedia devices in the home nowadays, its useful to be able to interlink them all and access them wherever you are.TwonkyMedia Server is the...

  5. Easily install and setup an Apache web server

    Complete Apache is an awesome, free Mac program, that belongs to the category Internet software with subcategory Servers.

  6. Solid and robust web server

    Web servers come in all shapes and sizes but the most important thing is that they perform reliably and are easy enough for any beginner to setup.LiteSpeed...

  7. Web development info manager

    Serverskine helps you keep all servers, domains and hosting accounts in one place. This repository for all your web development related accounts offers an...

  8. The Most Cost-Efficient Web Server Manager You'll Come Across

    goPanel is an Mac OS X app that helps manage web servers. The app is meant for people who work with cloud-based Linux-powered sites and other kinds of...

  9. Share Files with Anyone Easily and Securely Online

    Secure File Sharing Web Server Free is essentially a file sharing application that lets visitors download/upload any number of files securely and easily via...

  10. Functional and small web server