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  1. Free access to 800+ web templates

    WIX Website Builder is a cloud-based platform that allows you to develop and create your own website or online shop without code. It is a suitable platform...

  2. PeerTube

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    Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing, in the Truest Sense.

    PeerTube is a free, federated server application that creates video hosting web pages. Each video is streamed via a web torrent (as in BitTorrent) to the...

  3. Mipony

    • 4.3
    • (2029 votes)

    Excellent dowload manager for file hosting sites

    File hosting sites are a great way to share large files online, but they are also a pain to browse: extra clicks, waiting times, checking back to see if the...

  4. Create a beautiful and professional website for you business in a few steps

    WebSite X5 Professional 12 lets you create web pages in just a few steps. Without the need of any previous programming or web design skills, you can create a...

  5. Quickly create, secure and run sites and apps with Plesk

    Plesk is a convenient tool for building, securing and running websites and web applications in the Cloud. The well-known web hosting control panel provides a...

  6. JDownloader

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    • (37 votes)

    The beta version of the new JDownloader

    JDownloader 2 is the beta version of download manager JDownloader which allows you to transfer files from a large number of sites and hosting services....

  7. Easy to use photo editing and hosting

    Publishing photos to the web has to be one of the biggest areas of software development but many fall short of the mark in terms of usability and speed of...

  8. Free all-inclusive CMS solutions for web

    Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware or simply known as Tiki is a free open-source web application developed by Tiki Software Community Association and made available for...

  9. An online video conferencing tool

    Close Global allows you to host meetings on the Internet via web cameras. You may set up the meeting as a host, or join a video conference as an invited...

  10. HostGator

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    Let your website shine with this web host

    HostGator is a free web hosting service that enables you to make your website easily accessible to your users. This business and productivity web app...

  11. A2 Optimized: The Best Speed And Security Settings

    Best Web Hosting 2017 (aka BWL) is a leading web hosting provider that has been operating since 2003 and is loved by customers and envied by the competition...

  12. Create a beautiful and professional website in a few steps

    WebSite X5 Evolution 12 lets you create web pages in just a few steps. Without the need of any previous programming or web design skills, you can create a...

  13. Monitor your favorite websites for updates and changes

    The best way to keep track of websites and web feeds is via RSS, whether directly in your browser or via an dedicated reader.However, what do you do when...

  14. MadBeeTech - The Most Popular Tools For Creating Websites

    MadBeeTech is a web hosting service that specializes in selling downloadable files, including software, game assets, ebooks, audio, and video. We offer some...

  15. A simple Apache server control panel

    iTools is a free Apache server control panel and suite of tools. As the name implies, it is made for Mac OS X, and per the developers, aims to "[combine] the...

  16. Rebel

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    Reserve The Website Name You Want

    Rebel or is a private internet domain name registrar that allows you to create a domain name for your website, register it as owned by you, and...