Download Youtube Playlists - Best Software & Apps

  1. Unlimited streaming audio, playlists, and YouTube downloads

    CherryPlayer is an video and music streaming application with YouTube integration.There are plenty of music streaming services like Pandora radio and Spotify...

  2. Listen to streamed music from YouTube

    Mobile devices make listening to music easy, but finding the song you want is another matter. Musi lets you choose from an extensive list of songs available...

  3. A free tool for downloading MP3 tracks from YouTube

    ChrisPC YTD Downloader MP3 Converter is a tool that downloads audio tracks from YouTube, which is not possible with most YouTube downloaders. The tool does...

  4. Airy

    • 3.4
    • (50 votes)

    A YouTube downloader for Mac devices

    There is certainly no arguing against the fact that YouTube is the biggest video streaming and sharing platform in the world today. Indeed, many have tried...

  5. Bring your screen to life

    Push Video Wallpaper is a program that lets you spice up your screen a little with its lively wallpapers and screensavers. You can choose to download from...

  6. DLNow Video Downloader - Download any video for free!

    DLNow Video Downloader is a simple and effective way to download almost any video from the internet. The application supports a variety of different video...

  7. YouBlocker: YouTube Ad-Blocker lets you watch videos without disruptive ads

    YouBlocker: YouTube Ad-Blocker removes ads from YouTube videos, so you can directly watch the content you want. Included third-party cookie blockers enhance...

  8. Simple Linux inspired music player

    Banshee is a Linux-inspired player that helps you to organize your music and interact with other users via scrobbling to plays most popular...

  9. Video Uploader for YouTube - Upload videos to YouTube with a few clicks

    Video Uploader for YouTube allows YouTube users to upload videos to YouTube with ease. The application provides functions like batch uploading videos and...

  10. SpoTube

    • 4.2
    • (30 votes)

    Make your own YouTube playlists

    SpoTube is a web app that queues up YouTube music videos into playlists ready for you to listen at your leisure.The SpoTube signup process is fairly easy –...

  11. YouPlayer

    • 2.9
    • (57 votes)

    Watch Youtube videos non-stop while you browse the web

    Youplayer is a Firefox add-on that enables you to play Youtube videos on your sidebar. In this way, you don't need to stay on Youtube and you can continue...