10 Scary Urban Legends that Own the Internet

10 Scary Urban Legends that Own the Internet

Urban legends can be fun or terrifying, it depends on how much you believe in them. However, even the most unbelievable ones can leave anyone terrified, especially when they become so widespread that they begin to become almost undeniable. You must have heard some stories that this applies to, right? Of course you have, because the internet is the ideal place to tell a tale.

Would you be able to tell which urban legends frighten your friends the most? Today, we bring you a selection of 10 legends – or real stories – that can make even your most courageous friends have chills. Maybe they’ll even scare you!

The Choking Dobermann

Years ago, an Australian woman was coming home and realized that her Dobermann was lying on the floor and wasn’t breathing. Immediately the woman put the dog in the car to run it to the vet. After leaving the animal at the clinic, she decided to go home.

On the way home, she received a call from the vet. He said that the woman should leave the house immediately because the dog had choked on a person’s finger and the invader could still be in the house. The family then called the police, who went to the scene and found a burglar hiding in a closet. He was missing a finger and had fainted due to blood loss. Is it real?

Organ Thief Taxi Drivers

10 scary urban legends that own the internet

A few years ago, a story that conquered the world was the story of the taxi driver organ thieves. That is right: according to a Korean legend, some taxi drivers used to sedate their customers so they could steal kidneys and other easily removable organs. Apparently, scalpels were used and if the victims came to during the surgery, there was no anesthesia to help them deal with the pain. After the robbery, the bodies were dumped in fields or on the side of the road.

The White Death

Imagine a little Scottish girl who hated her life. Now imagine that she was able to erase all the traces of her life-burning documents, ripping photos and eliminating any evidence that she had ever existed. Finally, she committed suicide and her body was missing for days.

It took a few days before her body was found and little by little all her relatives died mysteriously. Do you want to know the worst thing? Once you’ve heard the story you’re on her list. The way she sees it anybody who knows about her needs to be taken out.

Beware of the Bathroom

10 scary urban legends that own the internet

Another urban legend from Korea. This one originated in scary high schools were young and depressed students took their own lives in the bathrooms due to the fact that they wouldn’t be bothered there. The legend says that they still haunt the bathrooms looking for other kids to kill and fill out there ghoulish ranks.

The Pokémon Phantom

Have you heard about “Lavender Town Syndrome”? This is a supposed illness that caused many Japanese children to kill themselves after playing too much Pokémon Red and Blue on the Game Boy. All the suicides apparently happened after an excessive exposure to the songs played in the city of Lavender – precisely the Pokémon’s ghost town.


A young woman named Annie is alone at home and enjoys chatting with a friend over the internet – PC instant messengers still dominated the market back in the day. Suddenly, she notices that someone very much like her friend appears in the window and a frightening conversation continues.

Through the messenger, she asks him to stop scaring her. He says he cannot because he thinks about her too much. Suddenly, the tone of the conversation changes and she invites him to come and meet her. He asks how he can be sure that it’s really him that you’re chatting with. Annie goes offline. You can check the whole dialogue through this link.

The Experiment

A mad scientist decides to do a cruel experiment: test the effects of isolation on the human mind. For this, he imprisons several children for several years preventing them from interacting with other humans and having contact with any living.

Cruel? It could be worse. Few knew, but his real purpose was the search for eternal youth! He wanted to steal the mind of a child so that he could dominate the body and go back to being the child he no longer was.

More Pokémon


Another macabre story involving Pokémon, but this time it is the Silver version. One student finished the game and decided to play again to relive it all. The problem is that the more he plays, the more he realizes that the characters in the game are dying in the story. Do you know what is scary? Pokémon characters never die!

Laughing Jack

If you had a child and he told you that he just met an imaginary friend, would you be happy? A woman didn’t give much thought when her five-year-old son said he was amusing himself with his new colleague: Jack Laugh. It didn’t take long before the mother and boy’s relationship began to change. Several times, she realized that her son was acting strangely.

In the mornings, the boy’s action figures would all be arranged in the mother’s room. The boy acted aggressively and emptily, no longer resembling the boy he used to be. All of his strange behavior was justified in the same way: “Jack Laughing taught,” “Jack Laughing did,” “Jack Laughing gave.” The situation made the woman lose her mind and she ended up stabbing her son to death.

Squidward’s suicide


Few imagine, but SpongeBob is not as innocent a cartoon as it seems. In the early 2000s, a Nickelodeon trainee found a lost episode of the animation. In the episode, Squidward was tired of all of SpongeBob’s shenanigans. In desperation, he begins to cry blood and ends his life. The tape has since been destroyed and all we have today is the frame in which he appears crying.

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