February 2023’s Gaming Scene: The Must-Play Video Games You Need to Know About

February 2023’s Gaming Scene: The Must-Play Video Games You Need to Know About
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

There was a time when no videogames were released in January and February -or rather, few were released-. We always took advantage of this period or the summer to play what we had left on the shelf some time ago, to catch up. However, this has been different for quite a few years now, and the proof is what’s coming: what a crazy month of February 2023 we have.

The shortest month of the year is loaded with dozens of important titles that you should definitely have on your radar. We sift through the list and tell you the 10 video games you can’t miss this February 2023.

1. Deliver Us Mars (February 2)

After the good reception of Deliver Us The Moon, it is the turn of its second part: Deliver Us Mars. On this occasion, we return to a science fiction adventure where we will control an astronaut who has a mission: to recover some colonial ships that have been stolen by another organization, all this while humanity seeks a way out of its existential crisis.

The game is a mix of platforming with adventure and survival, all seasoned with a lot of puzzles to make the path not so easy. After all, we are on a planet that is not ours, if it were easy we would be lying… Available for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox X and S Series and PC.

2. Hogwarts Legacy (February 10)

Does this game need an introduction? Hogwarts Legacy is currently the most reserved video game on Steam. In addition, it is predicted that between all platforms it could exceed 5 or 6 million copies sold during its first week alone. That’s nothing (Warner Bros. must be pretty happy, of course).

There is a desire to return to Hogwarts, but there are many more to be able to train your wizard, to explore that universe 100 years back in the history of Harry Potter and to see what is in store for us after more than five years of development. By far the biggest release of this month of February 2023, more for everything it entails than for the quality itself (although it looks really good, all said). Available for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox X and S Series, PC and Nintendo Switch (the latter, no date yet).

3. Atomic Heart (February 21)

If you like first-person videogames, Atomic Heart comes on strong. Developed by the Russian studio Mundfish, in this game we travel through a utopian world where humans and robots live together. However, one day the robots rebel and the case comes in.

The story is already familiar -not that it is very original-, but the important thing is that behind it we have a title with an impressive graphics, as well as a gameplay reminiscent of the best Wolfenstein or Doom (in fact, its creators say that they were inspired by them). With this base, we can certainly expect very good things. Available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox X and S Series and PC.

4. Like a Dragon: Ishin! (February 21)

There are few things I’m happier about than the Yakuza saga’s current boom. Yakuza Like a Dragon reached more people than ever before, and that’s also what Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Now we don’t stay in these times, but go back in time. To be exact, we jump back to the Kyoto of 1860. The streets are full of dangers, Japan is opening up to the world and the samurai are beginning to lose their importance in the country. With this background, it’s up to us to investigate who has been the murderer of our father in an adventure full of action and exploration. What a desire. Available for PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox X and S Series.

5. Horizon Call of the Mountain (February 23)

The PS VR2 glasses arrive in stores on February 23rd. Along with these appears a large number of titles to enjoy them, and one of them is Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Developed by Firesprite with the support of Guerrilla Games, the protagonist of this game is Ryas, a Carja rebel who is persecuted and must flee from the danger that surrounds him. In an adventure where the bow will be our main adventure companion (VR will play a lot of importance here), Ryas will meet a multitude of characters, including our beloved Aloy. For us, the best game with which to release the glasses.

6. Company of Heroes 3 (February 23)

The game that this writer is going to spend more hours playing this February: Company of Heroes 3. The desire I have to enjoy the new from Relic Entertainment is huge, especially if we consider that a decade has passed since the release of the second part. Yes, ten years.

In this third installment we take a leap and we are going to fight in Italy and North Africa. In this way, we will live the war in new locations where we had not been before. The battle front is moved, as well as a gameplay that in some cases is close to what was experienced in Total War. Available for PC.

7. Kerbal Space Program 2 (February 23)

The first installment was a complete success, so Kerbal Space Program 2 is expected to repeat that success. In this space flight simulation videogame we have to, precisely, design and pilot spaceships throughout the universe. The original idea that made it famous is maintained, but it is enhanced with great additions.

Players will be able to access new creation tools, although the most important novelty has to do with colonies. Now we will be able to collect resources and create our own structures and stations to obtain materials. All this adds a layer of complexity to what we already knew, but we will enjoy it just as much or more. It will be playable on PC.

8. Octopath Traveler 2 (February 24)

Octopath Traveller 2 comes with the desire to get rid of the bittersweet taste that left its first installment. To do this, Square Enix has polished the game with new stories in a new world, which is called Solistia.

From here, we return to have that graphic section so striking with HD-2D graphics, plus a full cast of characters with whom we can play in turn-based combat. It will be available for Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS5 and PS4.

9. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe (February 24)

Does Kirby need any introduction? Nintendo’s famous pink ball returns with Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe, a game where co-op with more players is the main feature.

With up to four players on screen simultaneously, this game is a new version of the title that was released on Wii. Thanks to the remastering work, users will be able to enjoy one of those works that right now is unplayable (unless you pull out your Wii). It is exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

10. Destiny 2: Lightfall (February 28)

And we close this article with Destiny 2: Lightfall or Eclipse, the new raid of Bungie’s game that comes with the game’s season 20 pass.

In this new iteration, players will enjoy a besieged Neptunian city, where we will be able to arm ourselves with new weapons, rewards, dark powers and Eclipe’s legend mode. Likewise, there will be new locations to explore (as is logical) and where to spend dozens of hours. Available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox X and S Series.

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