100 free online apps

A list of 100 free online appsYeah, we know it, the future of software is online, but that doesn’t spell the end of Softonic, quite the opposite we believe, actually. David Weiss of Tzunami compiled a great list of 100 free webware in all sorts of areas like calendars, file-sharing, password management or imaging. For some tasks, like emailing, bookmarking or RSS, it’s been a long time since online apps were better than their desktop counterparts, however for video, audio or even text editing, I still think you need good proper software like iTunes, VLC or Office installed to get the job done correctly.

Of all the webware available here I can say I’m already hooked on Google Maps, Del.icio.us, Pandora and Todoist and really impressed by the mashup tools and organizers like Basecamp or Backpack. The trick I believe, is to get a good mix between online and desktop apps in your everyday PC usage.

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