13 apps that every student should have

13 apps that every student should have
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The days of pencils and papers are dwindling, with most students completing a majority of their work digitally. Even if you still take notes by hand, there are apps that can quickly collect and organize all your important information in one place that’s easily accessible.

Here are 13 apps that every student should have. While you may not need them all the time, if you’re a student, they could just become indispensable.

PushBullet: everything that happens on your mobile… in your PC

With PushBullet, you can transfer files and links from device to device without losing time writing emails, syncing files, or sending messages. Another really cool features is that you can push phone notifications to your computer, with the option to answer SMS messages directly from your PC.

Download PushBullet: Android | iOS

SimpleMind: improve your studying with mindmaps

Brainstorming tools are great if you want to summarize information visually. SimpleMind is an editor that works for both PCs and mobile phones. The full version can load maps made with other programs -such as FreeMind– and save them in DropBox, then exporting them as images that can be attached to presentations or Word documents.

Download SimpleMind: Android | iOS

Google Docs Suite: the Office you can take with you

You might have Office at home, but the easiest thing to use on your phone and online is the Google Docs Suite. You have access to cloud storage to store files securely, share, and export to other formats. Drive also has something unique: form creation. If you’re using the mobile apps, Google has released standalone versions of Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You will be able to view files within the Google Drive app, but you won’t be able to edit.

Download Google Drive: Android | iOS

Download Google Docs: Android | iOS

Download Google Sheets: Android | iOS

Download Google Slides: Android | iOS

Noom:  healthy mind in a healthy body

Studying is a sedentary activity, and spending too much time sitting down isn’t good for your health. Sometimes, an app can help do the trick. Noom is a personal trainer that motivates you to follow a healthier lifestyle. The paid version includes dietary advice and support groups that encourage others by sharing your progress.

Download Noom: Android | iOS

Telegram: teacher-proof messages

If you don’t trust WhatsApp because of security concerns, try Telegram, a messaging app that has self-destructing private messages. The app is ideal for gossiping without fear of being intercepted.

Download Telegram: Android | iOS

Smart Voice Recorder: record the lectures

Instead of taking notes, why don’t you record what the teacher says? You can pay more attention to explanations during the lecture, and when you get back home, you can transcribe them. Try Smart Voice Recorder, one of the best voice recorders for Android. Simply tap a button to create audio files with the quality you want.

Download Smart Voice Recorder: Android

Pocket:  save your links

Pocket is an app where you can save links you find while browsing the web. It’s very useful for preparing research projects, or simply to hoard articles you’ll read later. What’s clear is that with Pocket, you’ll never lose that very interesting link that you’ve found browsing, or that document that somebody sent you.

Download Pocket: Android | iOS

EasyBib: compiling bibliographies has never been easier

If you don’t have enough time to compile bibliographies, use EasyBib, which creates them automatically from the bar codes or names of the books. Once you have the list of references, you can send them via email or move them to The available formats are APA, Chicago, and MLA, which are widely used in universities.

Download EasyBib: Android | iOS

Evernote: an indispensable digital notebook

For the student, Evernote is an essential app. You can share documents with peers and teachers, but also save full copies of web sites with one click. Its search and organization functions are powerful, and notes can be taken and edited from any device. If you complement it with Penultimate, you can add drawings to your document collection.

Download Evernote: Android | iOS

Duolingo: learning a language can be a game

Whether you’re going to another country as an exchange student, or you want to improve your pronunciation, Duolingo is the app for you: thanks to its short exercises, learning another language is quick and fun. The app rewards your efforts with points and has a clever ‘lives’ system to penalize your mistakes.

Download Duolingo: Android | iOS

Examtime: your online study room

Preparing for an exam is not an easy process: you have to collect and summarize notes, practice, and organize study sessions. Examtime is a web app that helps you do all that and more. You can create mind maps, flashcards, and organize your own schedule. And, because its an online app, users can share their content with others.

Access Examtime

CamScanner: don’t copy notes, scan them with your phone’s camera

You can fit thousands of scanned pages on your mobile devices. One of the best scanners is CamScanner, which can save them in PDF, has character recognition (OCR), and options for collaboration.

Download CamScanner: Android | iOS

Alarmy (Sleep if U Can): the most effective alarm clock

Described by its developers as “the most annoying app in the world,” Alarmy is one of the most original and effective alarm clock apps I’ve seen. It’s very simple: when the alarm goes off, you have to take a picture of an object. If you choose the sink, for example, you have to get up and walk to the toilet. The strategy is a bit cruel, but it’s very effective.

Download Alarmy: Android | iOS

But in the end, it’s all up to you

Whenever someone asks me about apps to help them study, I always remind them that no matter how good these apps are, by making the effort, they will become useful. The apps make it less difficult to study, but they don’t provide the motivation you need to prepare for your exams or write flawless papers.

Image source: Google Play, TechRepublic

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