17 keyboard shortcuts for YouTube that will change your online viewing

You may think you knew everything there is to know about Youtube, right?  Well what if we told you that around 99% of its users didn’t know what we’re about to reveal.

Keyboard shortcuts are a great tool, whether you’re using them for programs like Word, or Excel – even videogames. Some of us have become so accustomed to using them, they’ve become like a second language to us, and make life just a little bit easier (not to mention that they also make you look pretty cool when using them in front of people).

Well YouTube is no different, and you may have already discovered some of them by accident. We’ve put together the ones we find most useful, to make your online viewing a walk in the park!

Here are 17 of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for YouTube:

K or space bar – play / pause video

Left arrow – rewind five seconds

J or Ctrl + left arrow – rewind 10 seconds

Right arrow – forward five seconds

L or Ctrl + right arrow – forward ten seconds

Numbers from 1 to 9 – jump to a particular part of the video (5 takes you to the middle)

F – watch in full-screen mode

Esc – exit full-screen mode

0 or Home – restarts the video

End – goes to the end of the video

Up arrow – increase volume by 5%

Down arrow – decrease volume by 5%

Shift + > – increases  the playback speed (doesn’t work on all browsers)

Shift + < – decreases the playback speed (doesn’t work on all borwsers)

. (full stop) – move forward by one frame while video is paused

, (comma) – move back one frame while video is paused

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