32 ways to speed up Aperture

ApertureApple’s Aperture is an excellent application for professional photographers, with advanced editing tools, a stunning interface and pro photo management features. Not only can you store thousands of top quality snaps but you can also make sure they look as sharp as you want them to be. Aperture is no joke though and you shouldn’t mess around with it if you’re not serious about photography. It’s also a fairly bulky application, so if you want it to work seamlessly you need to make sure that you not only have the hardware for it but also that you have the application set up properly.

Over at Bagelturf I found an extensive list of 32 different ways to speed up Aperture. While some of these are fairly obvious (get a better Mac! get Leopard! get more memory!), others are simple but logical tips that should improve your performance, like turning off automatic version generation for adjustments, deleting Aperture’s preferences files, not using full text search or not displaying the histograms. Let us know if you have other useful ideas on how to make Aperture perform faster.

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