5 neat ways to use Bluetooth on your phone

5 neat ways to use Bluetooth on your phone

There are lots of handy uses for BluetoothMany of the new phones that come out these days are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. So if you’ve bought a mobile within the last year or so chances are you have it on your device (to find out just look for the little blue icon shown here). But how many times have you actually done anything with Bluetooth? Do you even really know what you can do with Bluetooth? Well, it’s high time you started exploring the capabilities of this wireless technology because you can have a lot of fun with it, as well as saving yourself time and money. Here are some of the neat things you can do using Bluetooth on your phone.

Play games

Many mobile games these days allow you to play remotely against your buddies over Bluetooth. It makes for a much faster and cheaper solution than playing over the Internet. It’s particularly suitable for turn-based games such as pool (try Mobile VR Pool or Pool for UIQ); darts (3D Lawn Darts or Power Dart); or racing games like MGS Karting and V-Rally.


Obviously phones are specifically designed for chatting, but speaking into the receiver or sending an SMS is not always necessarily the best way of doing it. Applications such as BuZZone, SYMBTChat or Bluetooth Chat allow you to communicate via text messaging without paying for it!If you’re interested then have a look at the post I wrote earlier this year explaining how to chat via Bluetooth.

Sharing stuff

One of the most common uses for Bluetooth this one, and you may have even tried it yourself. Bluetooth makes it dead easy to quickly share a photo, ringtone, video or any other kind of file with your pals. Most devices make this a very simply procedure and you’ll normally find an option to ‘send via Bluetooth’ with any multimedia you have stored. If you’re having difficulties, try installing a mobile file manager such as Resco Explorer to facilitate more seamless sharing.

Remote control

Another cool thing you can do with a Bluetooth-enabled phone is rig it up to your PC or Mac and use it to control your computer. For instance, Bluetooth Remote Control allows you issue commands to apps such as Winamp, Windows Media Player and Powerpoint, using your Windows Mobile device. Other apps that do something similar include Smart Remote and irRemote Control.

Avoid people

If you’re anything like me then you hate bumping into people you don’t like in the street and being forced to make chit-chat. Thanks to the power of Bluetooth you can detect and avoid anyone you don’t want to come across. Install BlueRadar and you’ll be able to track where people are on a cool, James Bond-style radar display.

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