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When you first buy a new PC, it’s blindingly fast. Programs open in a flash, and playing games or surfing the Internet is like sitting at the controls of the Millennium Falcon. Then, in a little over a year or so, it begins to slow down. Things don’t open as quickly as they once did. The Internet lags a bit, and games, well, your 8-year-old son says his handheld gaming contraption runs faster. However, there are lots of free utilities that will clean up the junk that’s causing your PC to lag, making your machine run like new again. Here are five of the most popular PC speeding and cleaning utilities:

1. PC Speed Up

PC Speed Up searches your system for settings, files, processes, and programs that can lead to a sluggish machine. This utility actually utilizes several tools to optimize your experience. After detecting problems, it will ask you whether or not you want the software to fix them for you.

2. Baidu PC Faster

Baidu PC Faster is another tremendously popular PC cleaning tool. This utility uses cutting edge technologies, including four separate cleaning modes and over 300 various cleaning checkpoints during its comprehensive scan. It is also constantly being updated for better computer cleaning and optimization techniques and technologies. Baidu also offers a powerful antivirus solution.

3. SystemCare (Advanced SystemCare Free)

SystemCare is another popular pick, which comes with a booster to speed up the computer boot-up process, as well as a Startup Manager, which helps protect your browser. The SystemCare Toolbox, Performance Monitor, and other features make it one of the most powerful free PC cleanup tools on the market. The tools are clean, easy to use, and intuitive, so even the average computer user can make use of its most potent features. This product also offers some helpful privacy and security features you might be interested in.

4. Chrome Cleanup Tool

Created by Google, Chrome Cleanup Tool is designed to scan your Chrome browser and remove any software that might be having conflict issues with Chrome. These conflicts can sometimes lead to software crashes, opening in a different startup page, unwanted toolbars, and popup ads that can drive you crazy. This tool removes and fixes all these issues and more.

5. SpeedFan

This tool is a bit different than the others on this list. While those primarily focus on finding and fixing issues that cause latency (such as de-fragging the computer and removing unwanted software), this tool works with the hardware. SpeedFan tracks vital system statistics, such as temperature, fan speed, etc, and makes sure the system is running optimally from a hardware standpoint. In addition to basic monitoring, SpeedFan stays on top of voltage, accesses the SMART information on your hard drive, and tracks hard drive temperature as well. It reduces the amount of power your system consumes, while also lowering noise and helping achieve optimal hardware lifespan.

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