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5 smaller social media platforms that are challenging Facebook and Instagram

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You probably already have a Facebook account and an Instagram account. But sometimes the same old news feed can get old. Ready for a new frontier? Head over to one of these smaller social networking websites. You will find a lot of familiar features (and maybe even some familiar faces), but you’ll enjoy fun new ways to connect and play.

5 smaller social media platforms that are challenging Facebook and Instagram

1. Medium

Do you have a story to tell? Or do you want to read the stories others are telling? Whether fact or fiction, poetry or images, you’ll find content galore on this fast-growing site. The emphasis here is on community. Create a free profile, follow your favorite writers and publications, and “applaud” pieces or comments you find particularly amazing.

2. Ning

Why use a social network when you can build your own? That’s the thinking behind Ning, a social networking platform that allows its users to make a community of their own. Your social network can be public, private, or for members only. You can choose the type of access you want to allow to your website and determine what members are allowed to do within your site. Everything on your site, whether it was uploaded by you or one of your members, belongs to you.

3. hi5

Are you tired of seeing the same old thing on your social network feeds — the familiar faces and the constant complaining? Do you want to meet someone new? This social networking site boasts an impressive number of users. The site states you will make new friends “through games, shared interests, friend suggestions, browsing profiles, and much more.” Meet others by sorting through age, location, and more. They say it’s a place to “meet, chat, and flirt.” If you are looking for a different kind of social network, give hi5 a try.

4. Snapchat

You’ve likely heard of Snapchat. If you love taking pictures with your phone, this app is up your alley. Take a photo or shoot a video and send it to one of your friends. After they view your content, it disappears. To save photos, users would need to take a screenshot. Otherwise, it’s a great way to send something funny that may not be worth keeping around forever.

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5. Kik

It doesn’t matter what device you and your friends have — on Kik, everyone can chit chat together, one-on-one, or with a bot. What do we mean by bot? Well, on Kik, bots offer up quizzes, advice, the latest news, fashion tips, and they even play games with your friends if you want to allow a bot in your group chat. If you aren’t into the whole bot idea, no problem! Gifs, emoticons, stickers, and images are allowed on Kik to help you add that extra little something-something to conversations with your friends.

Make new friends and keep the old

These smaller social networks could be your next favorite way to spend the day. Sign up, log in, and see what you think. Then, take a look at these other social networking sites to see where you fit in.

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