A24 will release all these movies in 2024: will it win the Oscar again?

From Civil War to Love Lies Bleeding: everything you can't miss this year from A24.

A24 will release all these movies in 2024: will it win the Oscar again?
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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There are few production companies today like A24. The independent studio that has waged war against Warner, Universal, and company thanks to the quality of its films continues to grow stronger. And in recent years, at every Oscars ceremony, it has managed to sneak in some of its films, and has won all kinds of awards. In fact, at the 2023 Oscars, it was the most awarded studio thanks to the magnificent Everything Everywhere All at Once.

All of this has caused the A24 brand to become one of the most followed in Hollywood. Everyone wants to know what they will release next, and what surprises they will bring to the next year’s Oscars. But the truth is that in 2024 they will have many proposals for this tough competition. Below, we leave you with the list. Take note to go see them!

01. Civil War

Release date: April 12th

Synopsis: In the near future, where America is engulfed in a bloody civil war, a team of journalists and war photographers will embark on a thrilling road trip towards Washington DC.

Directed by Alex Garland, the magnificent filmmaker behind Devs, Annihilation, Ex Machina, and Men, the film seeks to be a culmination in his career, as he has announced that he has no more projects after this feature film. However, if that’s the case, he will go out with a bang: with an epic film that has already received incredible reviews and that, why not, could make a splash at the upcoming Oscars.

02. I Saw the TV Glow

Release date: May 3rd

Synopsis: Two teenagers share their love for a horror TV series, but it is mysteriously canceled.

Another gem that won’t go unnoticed. Directed by young Jane Schoenbrun and starring Justice Smith and Brigette Lundy-Paine, this film that blends horror with thriller and drama has already received its first (very positive) reviews in the United States. It promises to be one of the genre surprises of the season, so stay tuned for it.

03. Janet Planet

Release date: June 21st

Synopsis: In the rural area of western Massachusetts, the film follows Lacy and her mother Janet and the three people who enter their lives during the summer of 1991. In her moments of solitude, Lacy lives in an extraordinarily detailed inner world that begins to seep into the outside world.

After winning the Pulitzer Prize, Annie Baker jumps into film directing with Janet Planet, a movie starring Zoe Ziegler and Luke Philip Bosco that promises to become one of the dramas of the season. With that distinctive A24 stamp, it may become a hit more than we imagine.

04. MaXXXine

Release date: July 5th

Synopsis: Maxine is a resilient survivor of the devastating events of X. With her sights firmly set on fame, Maxine embarks on an absorbing and sometimes ruthless journey through the thriving and unforgiving world of acting in 1980s Los Angeles.

Ti West‘s relationship with A24 continues to flourish with the third part of his horror trilogy. After X and Pearl, the director continues to travel to the future of the first film with the resolution of this Final Girl’s story. Undoubtedly, we will have what the film promises: sex, blood, and… well, we don’t need much more.


05. Sing Sing

Release date: September 10th

Synopsis: Divine G is imprisoned in Sing Sing for a crime he did not commit, but finds his purpose by performing in a theater group with other incarcerated men. When a new and cautious prisoner joins the group, the men decide to stage their first original comedy.

Greg Kwedar directs this curious film whose premise sounds like classic Hollywood cinema that won all the awards in the fifties. Are we facing a grand return of this type of cinema? It’s not clear, but certainly A24 marks the seal of quality for a film that promises to be a dramatic odyssey.

06. A Different Man

Release date: January 21st

Synopsis: The ambitious New York actor Edward undergoes a radical surgical procedure to drastically transform his appearance. As a result, many things change in his life and yet everything remains eerily the same.

Aaron Schimberg directs a horror film that draws from David Lynch’s The Elephant Man in a disturbingly modern way. Without a doubt, this is one of the most terrifying and interesting projects of 2024, and A24 is very clear that it is a film made for its niche audience. We will be here to watch it.

07. Y2K

Release date: March 9th

Synopsis: December 1999. The US Department of Defense has detected the threat of an imminent explosion of a nuclear missile hidden in the Colombian jungle, which is set to detonate for a major explosion with the arrival of the new millennium.

The Y2K Effect is something we experienced strongly in the late nineties, but that cinema had not taken advantage of again… until now. Kyle Mooney’s film, based on a script by Evan Winter, blends horror (as A24 likes) with comedy and science fiction in a cocktail that seems to have the best of Spielberg from the eighties.

08. Love Lies Bleeding

Release date: April 12th

Synopsis: Jackie is determined to succeed as a bodybuilder and heads to Las Vegas to participate in a competition. On her way, she passes through a small town in New Mexico where she meets Lou, the lonely manager of the local gym. Lou’s father is an arms dealer and runs a crime syndicate. Jackie and Lou fall in love. But their relationship sparks violence and they find themselves caught up in the machinations of Lou’s family.

Finally, we are facing one of A24’s most ambitious projects. With a cast led by Kristen Stewart, Katy O’Brian, Ed Harris, and Dave Franco, it is a dramatic thriller that has everything to become one of the favorite movies at the 2025 Oscars. We will see if the predictions come true.

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