Alien Swarm – free co-op shooter from Valve

Alien Swarm – free co-op shooter from Valve

If you’re into the the intense cooperative team play of Left 4 Dead, this top-down shooter Alien Swarm could be just the thing. It’s actually a relic from 2004 that’s been finally finished and released by Valve themselves: just like their acclaimed zombie shooter, this a four player online game, and although the perspective is different, there are similarities between L4D’s zombies and the aliens here.

Choose a class of marine and jump straight into a public game, or set up one with your friends. Aliens have invaded a colony planet, and it’s your job to clean them out, whatever way you can. The action is fast, intense and bloody. You’ll need to work in a team to succeed – not like the idiot who shot me when I was hacking a computer locked door – and things work best when there’s one of each marine type. Officers are pretty well rounded, Medics keep you all alive, Tech can hack computers and weld doors shut quickly, while Special Weapons bring heavy firepower to the team.

It’s really unusual to get a game of this quality for nothing, so go download Steam, and get playing: there are aliens out there that need shooting!

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