All Super Mario RPG post-game content you might miss

All Super Mario RPG post-game content you might miss
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Super Mario RPG post-game content transforms the familiar Mushroom Kingdom into a playground of challenges, secrets, and rewards, inviting players to extend their adventure beyond the main storyline. As the credits roll and the dust settles on the epic quest, a new chapter unfolds

Let’s delve into the details of the post-game content, exploring the various features and activities that await players seeking to achieve 100% completion.

All Super Mario RPG post-game contents

Super Mario RPG Remake offers an extensive post-game experience that adds layers of depth and challenge for players who have completed the main storyline, including:

  • Boss rematches
  • Sound player
  • Play report
  • Monster List unlockables

Boss rematches: Enhanced challenges

One of the standout features of the post-game content is the ability to rematch certain bosses. These bosses, such as Scratchy-Throat Belome, Leveled-Up Punchinello, and Engine 023 Booster, return with increased difficulty, providing a fresh and challenging experience. To unlock these rematches, players must complete the main story, watch the credits, visit Marrymore Hotel, and then head to Star Hill to initiate the post-game content. Talking to Frog Sage at Tadpole Pond reveals the first boss available for a rematch.

Each boss rematch yields unique rewards, such as the Sage Stick, Wonder Chomp, Stella 023, Enduring Brooch, Extra-Shiny Stone, and Crystal Shard. The order in which you rematch bosses matters, and returning to Frog Sage after each victory unveils the next rematchable boss.

Sound Player: Musical Nostalgia

The Sound Player is a delightful addition to the remake, allowing players to listen to tracks from the original game as well as newly arranged compositions by Yoko Shimomura. To unlock the Sound Player, players simply need to complete the game, with a notification appearing upon starting the post-game. The Sound Player can then be accessed through the Journal.

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Play report: Comprehensive records

The Play Report feature becomes available upon defeating the game and provides an in-depth look at various records within the game. This includes battle records and minigame records, making it a valuable tool for those aiming for 100% completion. The Play Report helps track progress, revealing information such as hidden treasures yet to be unlocked and the maximum consecutive Super Jumps performed.

Monster List unlockables: Revealing the unknown

Upon entering the post-game, players unlock all previously unknown names (marked as ???) in the Monster List. This feature allows players to view the monsters they may have missed during the main storyline, completing their Monster List and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the game’s creatures.

How to achieve 100% clear: A checklist

To attain the coveted 100% clear status, players must embark on a comprehensive checklist:

  • Complete all side quests: Explore the game thoroughly to discover and complete side quests, each offering unique rewards.
  • Get Gold medals in minigames: Master various minigames to achieve high scores and earn gold medals, tracked in the Play Report.
  • Raise your party’s levels to the max: Engage in battles to reach the maximum level of 30 for each character, unlocking their full potential.
  • Get the strongest weapons and accessories: Pursue the most potent equipment, including challenging achievements like obtaining the Super Suit.
  • Collect all music for the Sound Player: Explore the game world to find and complete the musical collection in the Sound Player.
  • Defeat the secret bosses: Challenge optional secret bosses, Jinx and Culex, to test your skills and achieve true mastery.
  • Defeat the rematchable bosses: Conquer powered-up versions of bosses in higher difficulty settings to solidify 100% completion.
  • Complete all records in the monster list: Check off every entry in the Monster List to receive the Monster Trophy.
  • Check the Play Report: Confirm 100% completion by reviewing the Play Report in the Journal, ensuring no ??? or incomplete records remain.

Super Mario RPG Remake’s post-game content enriches the gaming experience, offering a plethora of challenges, rewards, and unlockables for those dedicated to exploring every corner of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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