No more easy Microsoft Rewards

No more easy Microsoft Rewards
Eray Eliaçık

Eray Eliaçık

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Microsoft Rewards has recently made headlines with its latest updates. Reports suggest that the program, known for its journey from Bing Rewards to its current Microsoft Rewards branding, has undergone significant changes, including the elimination of the daily Edge search bonus. Finally, Microsoft clarified the issue.

A brief history

Originating as Bing Rewards and rebranded as Microsoft Rewards in 2016, the program absorbed the Xbox Live Rewards in 2018. It consistently allowed users to earn points for various activities, redeemable for gift cards, sweepstakes, or charitable contributions.

Recent changes: Reports from TrueAchievements highlight the elimination of the daily Edge search bonus, where users could earn up to 20 points daily in the US. Additionally, a “cool down” period has been introduced for regular search activities, altering the user experience.

Rumors also circulate about Microsoft potentially shutting down the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox consoles, favoring the new Rewards hub in the Xbox user interface.

Microsoft’s statement

The company’s spokesperson emphasizes the ongoing evolution of the program to align with growth and member satisfaction with these words:

“Over the last few years, the Microsoft Rewards program has regularly evolved to reflect our growth and expansion. We evaluate every change for consistency and fairness, tuning the methods and frequency through which our members can earn points. Whether searching with Bing, browsing with Edge, playing on Xbox, or making purchases in the Microsoft store, we know our members take delight in the added incentive the Microsoft Rewards program offers. We aim to grow in ways that continue to provide value to our members, and we eagerly monitor feedback to ensure satisfaction. We appreciate the enthusiasm and loyalty of our Microsoft Rewards members and remain excited for the program’s future.”

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Nevertheless, the fundamental essence of the program has persevered. Users can still accrue points by engaging in activities such as completing surveys, conducting searches on Bing, and more. These earned points can be converted into digital gift cards, entries into sweepstakes, or contributions to charitable causes.

Eray Eliaçık

Eray Eliaçık

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