New Update for Android 14 Beta 4 Tackles Bugs and Enhances Performance

New Update for Android 14 Beta 4 Tackles Bugs and Enhances Performance
Daniel García

Daniel García

Android 14 continues working towards its imminent launch. Its latest beta, which had certain stability issues, has received the 4.1 update to further improve the service. Google’s division dedicated to providing software for mobile devices is diligently working to enhance the upcoming flagship version of Android.

Android 14, popularly known as Upside Down Cake, is scheduled to roll out gradually to all new smartphones from late this summer. As is customary, Google tests the new system in beta versions. The most recent one was beta 4, and with this 4.1 patch, many problems present in version 4.0 have been resolved.

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A patch with a multitude of fixes

The improvements and issues resolved by Google can be found in detail on their blog. Among other things, Android 14 beta 4.1 addresses the following problems:

  • Enhanced Operating System Stability: The system, which sometimes experienced slowdowns, freezes, or app launch delays, has been improved.
  • Fingerprint Troubleshooting: The issue where registering new fingerprints was occasionally not possible has been fixed.
  • Improved Biometric Data Stability: The stability of biometric data, which sometimes caused app failures, has been worked on.
  • Fingerprint Unlock Bug: The problem of trying to unlock the phone with a fingerprint after tapping a notification and it not working has been resolved.
  • Icon Visibility Issue: Users experiencing almost invisible application icons will have this error corrected.
  • Notification Interaction Fix: The error that prevented some users from interacting with notifications in their status bar has been fixed.
  • Post-Call Device Glitch: The issue that caused device malfunctions after ending a call or video call has been addressed.
  • Other fixes are available in full on the Android Developers’ blog.
Google Pixel devices are the devices that can officially test Android 14

The next flagship version of Android

As Google customarily does, Android 14 will become the new operating system leading Android smartphones, thus bringing an end to Android 13’s leadership. While Android 13 will continue to receive security updates and Google Play support for years to come, it will no longer be the newest OS.

It’s worth mentioning the endemic issue of fragmentation in the Android market concerning operating systems. Currently, modern versions coexist with significantly older ones. For instance, Android 4.4 KitKat, which debuted in 2013, will soon lose support from Google Play.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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