Angry Birds Epic: 8 basic tips for getting through the levels

Angry Birds Epic: 8 basic tips for getting through the levels

Angry Birds Epic for iOS and Android is the first RPG of the saga. If you don’t want the evil pigs to take you out in the first level, then check out our expert tips.

No slingshot, no karts. The new game in the Angry Birds saga brings us an exciting new universe: an RPG turn-based approach. The good thing about Angry Birds Epic is that it’s very simple to play, so you don’t need to have tried Final Fantasy-style games to be able to pick it up.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Angry Birds Epic is a piece of cake and if you want to get easily from level to level then there are a number of things to consider. Today I took the time to look into it and I’ve rounded up eight strategies to allow you to master Rovio’s new game.

Before battle, check your inventory and create everything you can

Before each battle make sure you look over your inventory and see what objects have been collected at roulette or chests. With some of them you can create useful items like potions for restoring life.

Once you’ve checked the material you can make your way to the anvil or the magic cauldron to create new objects that will be available for your next fight.

Angry Birds Epic: consumables

Eliminate small enemies straight away

In many of the Angry Birds Epic levels you’ll be fighting multiple enemies at once. Your first instinct might be to take care of the most powerful enemy and leave the little guys to the end … do not do this, do the exact opposite!

Eliminate the little pigs first as they’re easier to kill and once you do you’ll have less plays where you’re attacked every turn. To do this, focus all your efforts on one enemy: always attack the same one and only move on to the next one when you have eliminated the first one.

Take out small enemies first

Take advantage of delayed enemies’ attack

But there is an exception to the rule above, and that’s with enemies who don’t attack at each turn. These pigs are characterized by a meter that fills up in parts. This means they don’t attack each turn – they have to wait until their attack bar fills, usually in two or three goes. Of course, when they’re ready to attack, they tend to hit hard.

Take advantage of the first few turns where they don’t attack you to attack them mercilessly, it will weaken them and might, hopefully, eliminate them before they’re able to attack you. And in the last turn when they’re not attacking, focus your energy on protecting the person who is their goal with your shield (their face is shown on the pig’s meter).

Delayed attacks can provide an advantage

Dominate with teamwork

The Red Bird is the first thing you control in Angry Birds Epic. Soon he’s joined by his yellow colleague. The red bird makes individual attacks while the yellow bird takes charge of group ones. Keep this feature in mind when you’re attacking.

With that in mind, try this: if there’s an enemy with a low life bar, attack with the bird who makes the group attacks first. That way you’ll finish him off and can start chipping away at another enemy with the individual-attack bird. This way you’ll get the best performance out of the abilities of each character.

Also, check out the different combinations with the various birds you’ll unlock in the game: each has abilities that make them more suitable for dealing with one enemy or another.

Teamwork will help you win

Keep your chilli for tricky moments

While you’re attacking or taking hits, the chilli fills up, which gives you a super attack when you activate it on a character. Even when it does fill up though, it’s better to wait until you have a really good reason for using it.

For example, use it to finish off enemies who have a full life bar or even to attack the biggest, most powerful enemy in the level.

Also note that if you use the chilli on more than one character who still has lives then the attack that’s created is more powerful, and will remain active on more than one character even if you haven’t activated the enhancer.

Save the chilli until you need it

Don’t waste potions and other special items

You’re halfway through a level, a character is about to die and the other one isn’t exactly full of beans. Should you use a potion to strengthen the weak one, or revive the dying one? Weigh up each situation, as often you’ll use the potion, but lose anyway.

Only administer potions in advanced stages of a battle and if you know you’ve got a high chance of winning. If not, you won’t lose a potion and anyway, you can always repeat the level.

The same for potions....

Move up levels by repeating past levels

Despite the tips we’ve given above, you’re probably not going to pass Angry Birds Epic levels on the first go. This doesn’t mean you’re not playing well, it’s just because the characters don’t have much experience. This is easy is fix: just repeat previous levels.

To repeat a previous level just to go to the island screen and select any completed level. As you’ve already done them it won’t be difficult to complete, plus your characters are already experienced and the enemies you eliminated before will be easier this time around.

Even if you don’t pass the level on your second go you’ll still be gaining experience, but of course, it’s better if you manage to pass it, as it’ll also bring you new rewards: the more stars you get, the more prizes you’ll win in roulette to add to your inventory.

Don't be reluctant to repeat levels

Repeat levels depending on the ingredients and resources you need

You can repeat old levels as you wish, or you can go a little further and repeat levels that are worth more in terms of rewards  – at each stage, you’ll be collecting one or more materials.

To know where to find each item or resource you just have to navigate the cauldron and anvil menus. Keep your finger on the picture of the object that interests you and a window pops up telling you where you can find it.

Then look for the areas on the map and you can repeat these levels as many times as you need.

Get strategic with your resources

Limitless play

Unlike other games, like Angry Birds Go!, there are no limitations on time or lives, you can play whatever way you want without having to wait. Take advantage of this sort of play and don’t worry about getting through the levels – just have fun!

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