Another disappointing chapter in Monty Python gaming

Another disappointing chapter in Monty Python gaming

Monty Python may be one of the best loved comedy names, but they’ve had a pretty turgid time when it comes to video games. From Virgin’s poor 1990 effort for 8 and 16-bit computer systems to Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, a 1997 PC adventure game that garnered very average reviews, it seems no one has been able to catch the absurd genius in code.

Facebook is the next platform, where Zattikka are creating a social selection of mini-games based on the classic comedy series. The Guardian have a preview of one of these games, Camelot Smashalot, a kind of Flying Circus version of Angry Birds.

And guess what? It’s decidedly average, just dull gameplay with Python samples slapped on top. Of course, this is just a beta test, so there’s probably room for improvement, but I’m not very hopeful: The Ministry of Silly Games is shaping up to be a thoroughly uninspired selection of comedy flash games.

You can sign up for the beta testing here, and play the Guardian’s preview here.

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