iPhone 15: New Design Leaks Reveal More Comfortable Shape and USB-C Port!

Will the new iPhones look more like other smartphones?

iPhone 15: New Design Leaks Reveal More Comfortable Shape and USB-C Port!
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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Despite the short time we’ve had this year, Apple continues to release new software and hardware, and is even growing its Apple TV+ streaming platform magnificently, with a new season of Ted Lasso and a possible addition of the NBA to its service.


But the most anticipated news this year from Apple is, of course, the launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. In principle, they will not arrive until September, but 9to5Mac has had access to them and has leaked the most interesting information through its website.


What’s new in the upcoming iPhone 15?

The design of Apple’s next smartphone has surprised many, with a host of changes that have not been seen before. The screen will be the most significant change. It will be larger and flatter than the current model. In addition, the edges will also be much thinner, allowing for a larger viewing area without making the phone too large or uncomfortable to hold.

According to the leak, the screen will be 6.7 inches, which is quite large even by today’s standards. Also, not being as wide as previous ones it will look much more like smarpthones from other brands.

Another interesting change is that the buttons could change from physical to capacitive, which could be a drastic change in iPhone design. Even so, it is still early to make this claim, and it is something that could change in the final designs.

In addition, Apple could use titanium in the manufacture of its next iPhone 15. Thanks to this material, it would improve the ergonomics of the device, making it lighter and stronger at the same time. It would also allow the battery to last longer, since titanium is a more resistant material than the aluminum used in current iPhone models.

Finally, another very interesting new feature is the addition of a USB-C port. Although all iPhones so far had different chargers, the next ones will finally join this new trend. The reason could be the European policy that states that all cell phones on sale from January 1, 2025 must use this port. However, it is something they already apply to Mac computers, so it is not surprising that they want to standardize their ports.

Juan Carlos Saloz

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