Time to Upgrade? Apple Music and Apple TV come to Windows 11

Time to Upgrade? Apple Music and Apple TV come to Windows 11
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

If you didn’t know, you can download and install both Apple Music and Apple TV on your Windows 11 computer. You must simply select the Microsoft Store icon and look for the apps, then press the “open” button.

One might wonder, given its simplicity, why it took so long for Windows users to get Apple apps, given the degree of connectivity between different providers in our era. Cross-platform games are a good example. These games are released for many systems, not just one.

Strangely, Apple replaced iTunes for Mac in 2019, but Windows users kept using it as their only choice until now. Whatever the reason, Apple fans with Windows systems (yes, there are such people) have been expecting an upgrade since then.

Because of this, there was excitement when Microsoft announced the arrival of these apps to the Microsoft Store during its Surface 2022 event. Still, some are puzzled as to why they’re only available for Windows 11 users.

Apple Music and Apple TV are available on Windows 11

Microsoft isn’t too happy about your Windows 10

Microsoft is a company, and what companies like to do is earn money. It should be no surprise that Microsoft isn’t thrilled about the Windows 11 adoption rate so far. While this is common for new operating systems, they are trying to make people adopt the latest iteration with different tactics.

For starters, Microsoft announced Windows 10 would not receive any further critical security updates from May 2022 onwards for the Home and Pro versions. This was greatly criticized, mainly because not all computers can comply with Windows 11’s requirements.

Some significant features were announced, too, to foster this conversion rate. Most notably, Windows 11 supports Android apps through the Amazon Appstore. You can use these apps like native Windows programs and even put them in the taskbar.

For gamers, the new DirectX 12 Ultimate means it’ll be a necessity at some point to get Windows 11 if you want to play with real-time ray tracing with good framerates.

It is no surprise that Microsoft would then exclusively allow these new Apple apps for its latest product. However, you can still use iTunes on your Windows 10 computer, at least for the time being.

Apple Music and Apple TV are available on Windows 11

Is it worth it?

For any Apple user, these apps are a must on any system, Mac or Windows. They offer all the features from the Mac version and are recommended upgrades. Whether it means moving to the latest Windows version is up for debate.

Operating systems usually have a lot of issues to iron out when they get released, and luckily Windows 11 has been around for more than a year now, so many critical problems are solved. However, Windows 10 still works great for many people.

In the end, you’ll likely upgrade to Windows 11 when it becomes necessary, thanks to gaming requirements or new software only available for this version. If you jump ship now, you’ll be ahead when the time comes. And give Microsoft a huge smile.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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