Apple Pulls VLC Media Player from the App Store

Apple Pulls VLC Media Player from the App Store

VLC Media Player logoThe VLC Media Player iPhone app has been removed from the App Store. The popular video player was pulled due to conflicts between the terms of the Gnu Public License under which the program was developed and Apple’s App Store terms and conditions.

The conflict arose because the Gnu Public License of the open source VLC app states that software cannot have its usage restricted in any way, whereas Apple’s own terms and conditions apply certain limitations through its App Store that contravene these liberties. VLC’s developer Rémi Denis-Courmont says that he still doesn’t know exactly why Apple removed VLC and admitted that he will probably never will.

Luckily, if you already have VLC Media Player installed on your iOS device it should still work. However, you’ll probably find compatibility issues arise when updating the operating system in future.

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