Be patient with Apple, Siri won’t get smarter for iOS 16.4

ChatGPT has managed to put Google on the ropes. Will the same happen with Siri, Apple's assistant?

Be patient with Apple, Siri won’t get smarter for iOS 16.4


The technology boom in chatbots is one of the most exciting events the industry has seen in quite some time. Thanks to advances in recent years, tools like ChatGPT are able to answer questions, write essays from scratch or help you program (some students even use them to cheat on their homework).


Microsoft has announced that its Bing search engine will integrate a new version of ChatGPT to perform what they call “conversational search”. One of the last to arrive at the party has been Google, which, cornered by the circumstances, has been “forced” to present Bard to the world (with the occasional gaffe included). In view of the current situation, the most popular voice assistants should take note and, in particular, there is one that has a lot of room for improvement: Siri.

The advancement of chatbots and how this can help Siri

Will Apple improve Siri? The obvious answer is yes, because whether ChatGPT exists or not, Apple will be introducing changes to its assistant. However, the question should be changed: will Apple look to the advances that conversational systems have made in recent years to improve Siri? If it doesn’t want to be left behind, it should.

It is clear that conversational models are going to be key to the future of Internet search. The chatbot developed by OpenAI has left other assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri in the dust.

Apple has already shown an interest in artificial intelligences. It developed its own chip (Neural Engine) specifically focused on performing AI tasks. And not only that: the photographic capabilities of iPhones are also heavily influenced by computational photography (although the results can sometimes be somewhat questionable).

What is clear is that ChatGPT and Bard will be one of the most talked about topics at the “AI Summit” that will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater during February. This event is a kind of WWDC but focused on artificial intelligence and where only Apple employees can attend.

However, don’t expect a smarter Siri, at least for the time being. In these situations, Apple usually waits a prudent amount of time before making the leap, and it certainly makes sense. The company has built its reputation on its ability to take an existing technology and polish it to a tee. Apple looks at what others are doing and tries to figure out how to do it better.



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