Get Ready For The Future: New tech announcements on the way in the Apple WWDC 2023

Everything you need to know about the 2023 Global Developers Conference

Get Ready For The Future: New tech announcements on the way in the Apple WWDC 2023
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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WWDC 2023 is just around the corner. June, the month in which every year we have enjoyed the event, is fast approaching and invitations to developers and press have to start being sent out sooner rather than later. Let’s summarize everything we need to know about what is the most important event of the year for Apple.

What is WWDC 2023?

Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is one of the most important events of the year for the company and is held annually to unveil updates to all operating systems.

It is an event dedicated to developers in the Apple ecosystem who create applications for the operating systems of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and more. For an entire week, from Monday to Friday, developers participate in workshops, conferences and sessions to learn about the changes and improvements that will officially come to Apple’s operating systems starting this fall.

When will WWDC 2023 be held?

Although Apple has not announced the exact date, it is likely that the opening keynote will be held on Monday, June 5, so the WWDC 2023 itself would occupy from 5 to 9, both included. Something we can deduce based on the fact that, for several years now, WWDC has been taking place in the first week of June.

Key events, such as the opening keynote and the state of the union, will be streamed online via Apple’s website and other platforms. In the meantime, thanks to the experience gained from recent years of virtual conferences, we expect that keynotes, workshops and other content will also be made available to developers via the web.


For developers interested in attending WWDC 2023 in person, Apple is holding a lottery to give everyone a chance to buy a ticket. One that gives access to the entire week of activities in San Jose, California.

When will WWDC 2023 be announced?

The 2018 and 2020 developer conference were announced, in their respective years, last Monday the 13th. Meanwhile, the 2019 WWDC was announced on Tuesday the 14th. A little further, the 2021 conference was announced on March 30 and the 2022 conference on April 5.

In other words: the announcement of WWDC 2023 must be imminent. Today could be the date chosen for its announcement and, although we cannot rule out next week, the truth is that this year it seems that sooner rather than later we will know the specific dates.

What new features will we see at WWDC 2023?

iOS 17, the new version of the operating system for the iPhone, is expected to be unveiled and will be available for download in the fall. In addition, Apple is expected to announce new versions of iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, tvOS 17 and macOS 14, which will also be available for download in the fall of this year after a beta cycle over the summer.

While software announcements are the highlights of WWDC, new hardware products are also likely to be introduced during the event. In previous years, new Mac models and other products have been unveiled. This time around, the two big contenders are the new Mac Pro with Apple silicon and the new augmented reality headset we’re now calling Apple Reality Pro.

Other possibilities include the 15-inch MacBook Air and also a new 24-inch iMac that would debut M3 chips. Computers that do not have as many numbers as the Mac Pro or the Reality Pro, but that could also appear during this event.


WWDC 2023 is one of the most important events for users of Apple products and developers working on them. As every year, we expect major software updates for all the company’s operating systems, and some surprises in the form of new hardware products. An event that is just around the corner and for which we should receive invitations much sooner rather than later.

David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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